Thrifty finds of December

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I have been keeping all my vintage finds to myself lately and not showing them off to you. Naughty me. I have found a couple of yummy items this past month. I found this Vintage 1950? quilted robe. Its aqua and so pretty. I paid $4.00 for this. Its so yummy. Its a size 16 which in 1950's that was considered a today's 7? It fits me perfectly. I feel pretty ellegant wearing this. There was satin aqua covers on the white buttons but they fell off in my hand as I was waiting to pay for this item. I could put them back on but rather not.
Vintage Aqua Vera Napkins. There was only 3 of them. Slight minor stains but still lots of pretty left. I am thinking this will be apart of a project I am working on for myself. You know I was smiling when I saw these.
Mr. Bumble Bee came over for a visit as I was taking closeups. Maybe he thought the lady bug was gonna give him a look?
I found this vintage 1960's jewelry box. Its lined with red velvet. This is in really great shape. The key is even there. I have been looking all over for one of these. I paid $4.00 for this. I know what a great deal. I am going to be using this for my craft show displays.
You can buy Vera at Macys and other stores. Did you know the company is up and running again? Well it is. I only recently found this out. I am very excited actually about it. You can do some reading here to find out about how this all happened. I am still going to collect Vera. Old and new. I found these two place mats at Macys. They were in the clearance section. I paid 6 dollars for them. I am going to make them into a purse. The lady at the register thought that was a very good idea. She then proceeded to the back table to find herself some to do the same. Little did she know I took the last of the cherry print. hehe
I found two vintage scarves. Oh I have this amazing growing collection.
I found oodles of vintage patterns and most of them in my size. I really wish I could find some decent fabric around here to sew clothing.
Vintage peacock placemats. 4 of them. Peacocks are really hot in Mod decor this year and I am sure will be next year as well. I am going to list these in my Etsy shoppe. I am sure someone will like them and use them.
I found another jar. (just like the one in my banner) Woot, a set I have now.
I finally found all the pieces for the jello mold. I have one like this already just not all the pieces and well now I have a few extras to play with. I also found some small cups and dessert cups all with lids. I just love vintage Tupperware. They are really a good quality product that lasts.

Passion for Fashion

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I have been sewing for Barbie overtime this week. I am just addicted at the moment.

Handmade Barbie Tutu and Cardi

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I just made this tutu for Barbie. Sewing with sheer soft fabric is NOT one of my favorite things to do. I am shocked I actually finished this. I tried making a dress earlier and I just could not understand the patterns directions and I set it aside to take a crack at making this. I think sometimes if I just set aside the directions and figure it out on my own I do a better job with the sewing.
I made this purse for Barbie.
I also made this cardi sweater for her.
I have been watching season one of Battlestar Galactica. I really love Sci-fi shows and movies. I have seen this already. Hubby has not. We are getting ready for the final season 4.5 but in order to watch it I am making hubby watch season one first so he knows what is going on and not asking me every 2 seconds for info. (hate that) I am ready for 4.5. I have not seen much of it. I tried watching them all. But you gets busy. I really love that you can buy seasons of TV shows. Lets us who are busy sewing or sleeping catch up. No commericals. Thank God. I heard the government is passing a law to FORBID stations from making the volume so loud for some of those commericals. Can't they sell without the yell? Soon they will have too. Oh and since I am on the topic of commericals, you know I love fun ones. Ones that make you sing or get stuck in your head or that are really funny. Now ones I hate? Reebok has one right now. They insist that if you wear their sneakers your bum will improve. Lies. Sure if your doing squats and cardio and training your body. Just wearing them in bed won't help. And I really like how they use ladies who really have no behinds at all and tell us that WE will look like them? I really don't need the full up close shots either. Seriously this is a commercial right? Take a peek here if you dare or want to. I prefer commericals like this classic. Remember this one? We get the point of what they are saying and we didn't need to get up close and personal either. My how commericals have changed.

Reproduction Barbie Wedding Dress

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My first handmade Barbie dress. This pattern was much larger than the others I have been working with. I will make some adjustments next time I make this dress. I did alter the pattern to my likes in colors. I have a few other styles I want to try for wedding dresses.

Mod Becky Barbie Doll

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I hope you had a nice Christmas this year. We were all smiles around here. It was a very nice day. I find it funny how I am the one awake and ready to go very early Christmas morning and the kids sleep in. After an hour and 30 mins. I woke them up. We went to my Sister in laws house Christmas Eve this year. My Mother in law made us all dinner. I did not have to cook this year and I was ever so thankful. My Mother in law makes the best food.
This is what my Sister in law received for Christmas! Oh Yes I was a bit jealous. Not too much cause I did some adopting myself this year. Last week my stray gray kitty that comes around was not doing so well. He had a swollen paw and I was so terrified for him. I could not live my life knowing this little creature was in pain and hurt and he only comes to me. I scooped him up and took him to the Vet's office. A new office too for me. I am not a big fan of my last vet and have been looking for a new one and well I found one. They won't do anything for cats unless they test them for diseases and such and so we had to test him and that brought fear to me cause lets face it...I LOVE this cat already. Thankfully, He passed. He is healthy and does not even have a flea on him. Well that was cause I been treating him for fleas. He is now mine. OFFICIALLY. I adopted him. Hooray. I have 3 cats now. Lord help us.

New Sunglasses. I adore sunglasses and since I live in Sunny South Florida, they go hand in hand with each other. I own several pairs. How did they know I love them so? (giggle)
Santa spoiled me Christmas Day. I finally got Mod Beck Barbie. I have been waiting for her to come to my house for OVER a year. I found out about her just as Christmas passed last year. Her price tag was 129.00. OUCH I know. (she has gone down in price since then, you just have to know where to find them)Now I am new to collecting Barbie's. I just started these past 2 years. I am not out to collect every single Barbie ever made. I just want to collect the ones that scream "play with me". I actually play with my dolls. I do not leave them in the box. I do not sit and stare. I play. I sew for them. I dress them up. I make funny voices and make them talk and I love giving them a fashion show with lots of photography. Oh there is playtime going in with these dolls. I am sure the person who collects will prolly gasp at this but what fun is staring at dolls? Especially through plastic. Not touch and play? Eeek. Just the thought of it. I adore this Mod Becky. Mod Becky is Francie's friend. Francie is Barbie's friend. Mod Becky was never sold. They made oodles of her and set her aside in 1971 and never released her. Her name and image was seen on several of Francie's clothing packages and such. Magazines were telling little girls to keep a look out for her. But she never came. She was born the same year as me. 1971. (another reason I love her) She has different feet than Barbie. She is a bit shorter than Barbie. I really love all the goodies that came with her.
Reproduction Midge and Allan Barbie Dolls.
Here are all my Barbies!
Oh and I also bought 2 more Barbie Clothing patterns. I have lots to play with now.

Its been a very busy fruitful year. I am really excited and looking forward to 2010. What shall I do? What shall I make? Where am I going? Lets find out together shall we?

Thank you for all coming to hang out with me and visit me in 2009. I adore each of you and hope to be able to keep blogging along with you. XOXO

Merry Christmas!

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Sugar House Holiday Bazaar Indie Craft Show

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It was 50 degrees outside this past Saturday and the Sugar House Holiday Bazaar Indie Craft Show. It was a pretty day. I loved the weather. There was a few of us out there selling our wares and making some holiday funds. This was my first time to visit the House of Vintage. Its really so sweet. You must come over and visit if you are locally. Not only are there a million clothes inside there is shoes, accessories, purses, bracelets and on and on. It was very hard to have to stay at my table and not run inside and shop and lounge and eat cupcakes. Yes Amanda is in the kitchen making cupcakes that are so yummy. We (my youngest son and I) bought 3. I ate 2. I also love checking out the other vendors and their wares.

This is my new friend Hollie! She is so cute. She loved my little wood person ring. She took her home with her. Hollie your a doll yourself. I could photograph you all day. Look at those shoes. I was crushing hard on them.
Here is Amanda in her vintage Christmas coat. There was a dress to match. It was horrid to feel. I could not imagine wearing it. But the detail on this piece is something else. Very nice. Hand sewn beads. Its kitsch what can you say!
I had a bunch of fun. I met some really fun crafty people. I was enjoying the day and the weather and the company! Thank you so much for coming out and supporting us. I will hopefully see you at ODD Duck in March 2010?

Vintage Barbie Pattern 1960's

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I purchased another Vintage Barbie pattern. This one is Butterick 9993. I started making the wedding dress but had to push it aside to finish other must needed get done Christmas Presents. And not ones for myself.

Barbie scene

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barbie house 2
Originally uploaded by LaneyCummings

Vintage Barbie

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Vintage Barbie
Originally uploaded by oh1963wtsh

Cute Shoes.

Vintage Barbie Dream House 1962

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Vintage Barbie Dream House 1962
Originally uploaded by oh1963wtsh

I adore seeing little photos like this. It makes me ready to play.

Primitive Christmas Tree 2009

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I took part (again) in the Primmart Ornie Swap Exchange. This year was a bit easier because there was only 28 ornies to make. Last year there was 40 something. You have to make a predetermined set amount of the same ornie. Then we all get to exchange ornies with each other. We have been doing this for a few years. I do not take part every year but this year I did. There are some really great creations this year. I am happy I took some time out to play.

There is my ornie on the right. Its the little wood person elf in black.

Such awesome ornies ladies. You did a wonderful job.
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