Holiday Festivities

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I am still trying to find out who handmade these fudge balls. Oh my word. Just heaven!!

Husband and I Christmas Eve.
This is my don't pet me more than 3 times but I want to snuggle kitty. She is such a little testy thing. She wants to be pet only when she want you to. She loves hissing at the other cats. She will play with them. But she is the first to start crying about it. She loves snuggling on the bed.
I was at a really fun holiday party. My friends went all out with the food and laughs. I had so much fun. You were to wear green or red. Naughty or nice? I was wearing green.

I ate very well.

The View of my back yard

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This is the view I see while washing dishes.
This is the view I see when in my computer room.
I really love love love this view. This is the best view I ever had for a backyard. WOW!
In one of the houses on this lake I see a man and female dressed in white uniforms come outside every once in a while for a smoke break. Now either they like to dress like that and smoke outside their house or they have hired help. I instantly day dreamed what that would be like. Not having to finish that creative streak that I am under and someone else makes dinner. Or plays chauffeur. And some one will take care of the ever mounding pile of laundry. Which by the way I did all the laundry before me moved. I got everything washed. So when we move in 3 days later there is some how 4 loads of laundry stacked up on the washer. Nothing of mine thankyouvermuch. But I see when I said last call for laundry, some people thought I was joking? Tisk tisk naughty naughty. They had to wait until several rooms were unpacked before the laundry was going to begin.

We are almost all unpacked. Little things there left to do. I love love this house. I hope we can rent it for 2 years. I love waking up to this view every morning. Oh and its Brrrr on the lake. The wind just whips up and down the water. WOW. I am still loving it. Just loving it from the inside. I don't even have enough long pants to get through this many cold days. I am going to start breaking out the skirts and leggins with boots soon.

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday. I sure did. I am trying to answer and get through all the emails. It was a fast move and we are back up and running with internet faster than we thought we would be. We even have TV. Oh my gosh. Let me say that basic TV with no pay channels is yucky and boring for me after a while. I think we got 2 whole channels. And only during part of the day would there be something I could bare to watch. Then we got basic cable cause it came with our internet package. WOW that is all you get for basic cable? WOW! I guess its better than 2 channels and one being and infomercial channel till 4pm?We now have satellite. Whew. Way better. I am sorry. I am a TV junkie. Its the only way to let my mind just go mushy/turn off. That and a good book.

My New Sewing Room in Aqua!

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So I am all moved into our new rental. I am so thrilled with the home. I do love love it for so many different reasons. One being this sewing room. I have dreamed of having a room of my own to sew in. I painted the room aqua. The landlord does not mind if I paint any of the walls. I just have to paint them back to white when I leave. Yippee!! So let me start you off on the tour of the craft room. Yes that is a little wooden toy fridge. Its child size. I have 3 pieces and this is one. I have another one coming into the room very soon. I will share photos when this happens. On the left all those round storage boxes, nothing is in any of them. Not a thing. I went through all my crafting supplies and donated 3 box full to charity. If I haven't used it in 2 years, I let it go. A few remorse purchases also went with them. I feel better about having all the free space than stuff I was collecting and forcing myself to "use" some how some day. EEkk!
The freezer door opens = more storage space.
Honestly I was not planning on using this little fridge to store all my goodies. An unfortunate thing happened to the black book shelf I had in the room. It was empty and I had to move it to paint. I moved it forward. Painted the wall. Moved it back and that's when the ENTIRE bookshelf collapsed. Breaking off shards of wood and crushing my dreams of it holding fabric. Fabric is currently being stores in plastic tubs. (YUCK) I don't like that. But for now it will have to do. Now on to see more of the room.
Lots of storage space over here. I am still moving photos around and placing wall art. I need more wall art. Lots of it. Lots of handmade is needed in this room.
I am ready to make or alter a vintage curtain for this window. I have several ideas. I am going to make at least 3 different styles of curtains so when I get bored I can change the room up a bit. I love all the light that sneaks in.

This wall is going to be covered with black framed art. I love the color black against this aqua wall. It really does pop. I am not used to a rug. It's taking some getting used too. Makes for rolling in my chair from desk to sewing machine a bit hard. My desk does not have really anything on it yet. There is a few changes I will prolly make but for the most part, I am really smiling about the whole feel of the room. Did you know hubby thought the room came aqua. No wonder I can sneak Pyrex in and him not notice. However he was counting all my suitcases while moving. He wanted to know if we were going to be doing lots of travel? Oh Silly man. Now you can see what those suitcases were for.
There is plenty of light in this room. I did not even have to turn on the lights to get the photos or use my flash. But you should see how bright these lights are when turned on. WOW. The fan works really good too. Its freezing here in South Florida. Its has been in the 30's and 40's. Add the wind into that and WOW! I certainly love it. We hardly ever get anything like this. I am so getting my fill. I hear others complaining but I am not listening. My smile is just keeping me warm.

Sewing Room Inspiration

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Stash corner
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I have been admiring craft rooms for so long. I finally get to play soon and have my very own (again). I keep daydreaming. The day soon will be here. There is so much one can do. I am trying to decide paint color first. A few more sleeps and then move in day. I am so ready to sew.

Sewing Room Inspiration

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My creative space
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