Barbie Vanity Dresser

anniescupboards Reply 9:56 AM
Barbie got her Vanity Dresser for Christmas!
It came complete with all 3 dresser drawers.
I also got her 6 perfume bottles an alarm clock
and a hair dryer. (ok, it came with the dresser)
This dresser also came with a stool.
Which she is sitting on and blocking
pretty much the entire view of the dresser.
You can see the dresser here.
That is not my dresser but looks just like it.
My seat is just plain pink.
I am going to spruce it up and
use some vintage sheet fabric I have.

Gooseberry Pyrex

anniescupboards 3 9:50 AM
I found these two Pyrex bowls yesterday
at my local thrifty store.
They were 3 bucks each.
Right is the 4 quart.
Left 2 1/2 quart.

I am trying not to buy any Pyrex I already have.
I am at the point where there is just not enough space
to hoard all the Pyrex in the world. So I am keeping
it simple. However, with me just typing that out
I am getting ready to type this. I already own these.
Both of them. HA! I am unable to pass up Gooseberry.
Well at the moment I am unable too. No but really.
I am serious about keeping my Pyrex
jumping loving heart from bringing them all home.
Only ones I do not have and must have.
At least try. Right?

Vintage Pink Alarm Clock

anniescupboards 2 9:45 AM
How sweet is this Vintage Alarm Clock.
It has a new home in my Craft room.
It works!
I paid 3 bucks for it.
This is a Westclox.
You can learn a little about this company here.
There are some cute clocks on that page.
I would be clock obsessed so easy.
Keep your eyes open in your thrift stores.

Custom Doll Order

anniescupboards 2 9:35 AM
I made this dolly for a customer of mine.
I do custom dolls.
You can just contact me on Etsy.
This one is my Valentines doll.
She wanted a heart nose.
I like her with the heart nose!!
I am thinking of changing my pattern now.

Vintage Santa Claus Ornaments

anniescupboards Reply 9:29 AM
I found these vintage Santa Clause Ornies
while thrift store shopping.

There was only 1 Mrs. Claus.
4 Santa Claus.
I paid 10 cents for each one.

I also found 3 mini Santas.
They look as if there were lights.
There are holes in them at the top of the hat.

I just put them all in bowls.
It was nice finding vintage Christmas decor.

Christmas was very MERRY!!

anniescupboards 2 9:15 AM
My friend Genelle sent this gift to me.
I just adore her.
I screamed on Facebook how I loved this one scarf.
She just made it for me.
Like that.
Talk about so sweet!!
I wish I knew how to crochet/knit.
I love her creativity and style.
I love her to bits.
She did not have to go to all that trouble.
I sent her a little thank you package <3 .
She made me 2 scarves.
Talk about sweet!
Today is the first day I get to use one.
It is a little chilly outside!!
I really love love love these scarves!
She sent these earrings and ornies.
She really has awesome skills.
Thank you again GENELLE!! XOXO

I have been busy with my Sister and catching up.
She does not want her photo on the internet.
Well, that is her. She is still set in her ways.
I am so glad to have her back.
It has been a whirlwind of days that have been flying by.
We spent Christmas together and shall be
spending New Years together too.


anniescupboards 8 7:41 AM
Some of you may remember that I had 2 sisters missing. I found my youngest sister almost 2 years ago on Facebook. I just found my older sister yesterday. I FOUND HER! My heart is complete! She is here in FLORIDA. IN THE SAME COUNTY as me.


I am so excited.

Please excuse me if I am not around for a bit.
You can understand why.


Rag doll Bag keeper

anniescupboards 1 1:12 PM
I just made this little dolly up.
She is a plastic bag keeper.
Her dress will get nice and poofy after you stuff
it full of plastic bags.

I will be working on a pattern for her.

This doll is already listed in my Etsy Shop.

Vintage Jenny Japanese Playset Salon

anniescupboards 1 4:08 PM
SO I bought this set off Ebay.
It is really just the Oh my gosh MUST HAVE gift for me.
I have it under the tree not wrapped.
I bought this gift myself.
I found it at a really awesome buy it now price.
I was shocked actually.
I have seen this once before on flickr with a Blythe doll.
I have wanted it ever since I saw this photo!!
This play set is from 1987.
The Barbies in my house now have a salon to visit!!

Not all the pieces are there but most of the important ones are.
There is more to the set. I will show it off once I am allowed to
play with it. REALLY play with it.

Lots of Holiday Hustling here!

anniescupboards 1 4:00 PM
So there has been lots of this since October.
I have been sewing and keeping busy with
a few custom orders. I love it when someone
wants me to sew. I am currently making a few
new patterns and dolls as well as my side work.

There have been a few parties this Holiday season.
I have been eating and smiling and laughing with friends.
I love a good gathering of giggles with my friends.

Becky here is Modeling the Vintage Dream House Desk
I purchased a few weeks back. I was lucky enough
to find one with all the drawers. Even the original bird
and bowl came with this desk. I thought this desk would
be small. Oh it is not. The stool is lined with cute fabric.
This will be a sewing desk. Naturally.

Thrifted Vintage Tablecloths

anniescupboards 1 3:54 PM
I found a bunch of vintage linen tablecloths.
My collection is growing.
I should count how many thrifted ones I have.

This is the 3rd time I found this tablecloth.
I have one. I sold one on Etsy.
This is either going to go into my Etsy Shop or I will use it for fabric.
This is a long tablecloth. I think I should try to sell it first.
I do love the flower prints for my dolls.

This Vintage Pink Tablecloth was just screaming
take me home. So I did. It is a little rainy/gloomy outside and my
lack of camera skills could not capture the
AMAZING aqua color on the flowers.

EASY Fudge Recipe

anniescupboards Reply 5:06 PM
I am making fudge again.
I am using this recipe I found here,
but I am tweaking it to my likes.
I used freshly cracked Walnuts.
I used one package of semi sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup of milk chocolate chips (just cause I had some left over)
3 tablespoons of Almond Butter
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
1 Tablespoon of butter
1 can of condensed milk
1 cup mini marshmallows

I did not use any salt since my butter was salted.

I greased the bottom of my Pyrex Dish with
butter and then dusted with powdered sugar
before pouring the fudge in.


Rement Pyrex Dishes

anniescupboards 2 5:03 PM
My awesome friend gifted these to me!!
I am in love with them.
I had no clue they even made these.
They are like Barbie doll size.
I am loving them so much.
I want more.
I am on a hunt!
Could you just see my Barbie kitchen?
These were made into rings. LOVE!

Charlie Brown is in my tree!

anniescupboards 2 5:00 PM
My friend sent me this Ornie!!
I love him!

Thrifty Shopping!

anniescupboards 3 2:07 PM
My friend and I traveled to a thrift shop that is a drive for us.
It was worth it. We made a day of it and hit up a few stores
and had lunch. We were on a mission. The shelves in store are full.

and I mean full!!

I found this milk glass boat. It is real milk glass.
I was so happy when I saw it sitting there waiting for me.

I found a whole bunch of vintage knitted hot pads.

I found Pyrex!! Lots of Vintage Pyrex!

I just love a good Pyrex find!!

Local Craft show shopping

anniescupboards Reply 2:02 PM
I did a little bit of craft show shopping yesterday.
Have you been seeing shows by you?
There are so many this time of the year.
Check a few out and support your local crafters and artists!

I bought the fake cupcake ornie, ring and
yummy cookie chocolate goodness!
I ate half the cookies and gave the rest to my son.
I am unable to to pass up yummy foods at craft shows.
You find the best foods there!!

I made more ornies!

anniescupboards 1 2:00 PM

I made a bunch of custom ornies last week.
I have one more to make.
I love making these little heads!

I have been making fudge!

anniescupboards 2 1:54 PM
There is so many ways to make fudge. I have been
looking all over the internet for everyone's recipes.
I am making a few different versions and testing them out
on everyone in the house, family and friends.

This one is made with condensed milk. I LOVE it.
Very addicting.
Extra cardio at the gym this month!!
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