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So here goes my top 5 naughty list for contest I was holding. Some would like to be remained totally anyomous. hehehehehe NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!!

5. This little lady decided while she was out of town she would get a TATTOO and not tell anyone including her own hubby....but he eventually found out. Marissa Ramsey from IA

4. Some naughty lady has been shopping on naughty sites. (no name given sorry lol)

3. Some naughty lady has a friend who brings over little girls to her house, and when they see her candy they ask her for some and she lies and say they are stale cause thats her stash. L. Gates - MO

2. Some naughty lady SOLD her MIL car and didn't tell ANYONE not even hubby and no one still knows what happened to the car. They think it was stolen. M. Minnesota

And My Number One Naughty Contest Entry:

1. Some naughty lady TOOTED on her hubbys pillow! Also when she was selling some yardsale items some lady complained about buying "USED" clothing so she stuck a 10 cent sticker on her back when she wasnt looking. kmclaughlin in ohio

So Naughty you all are! SO NAUGHTY!! Some of you would not even let me spill all of what you told me. LOL NAUGHTY!! Ok confessed so I will TOTALLY let Santa know. I want to personally thank you all for entering my contest. This was such a fun contest to do. FUn for me anyhow cause MAN oh MAN Ya'll had me in tears with laughter! It was really hard to choose so very hard! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! XOXOXO

Oh my I totally forgot to mention my HONORABLE MENTION AWARD! hehe Some naughty lady emailed me and said she would hack my puter if I didnt email her and tell her she won. THAT was very naughty. I SKEERED!!!!!! hehe


heya sherry do we get a prize????

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