Bailey StuffN's Light House Adventure

anniescupboards Reply 2:42 PM
So cute this scene. I love it.
Wait we are walking all this?
You are able to tour the house as well as the lighthouse. My camera died halfway thru the house. It was such a bummer for me. Because upstairs was the childrens room and you should have seen the cute vintage beds and the toys. Oh my the toys.
I laughed when my friend said "come on it wont be bad".
Bailey Stuffn and I were perfectly happy to hang out with Mr. Kitty.
The lighthouse keeper was laughing as Bailey and I took this shot. He was giggling more like it. He thought Mr. StuffN was the cutest. (tee-hee)
Round one of stairs. LETS GO says Bailey.
This is where I told everyone I will see you when you get back down.
I kept walking.
It kinda looks the same but trust me still walking.
Like really. I cant go anymore. Like really Bailey. I just can't.
Whooaaa MAMA! We made it.
You know I am skeeeeered oh heights right?
Bailey StuffN is not afraid of heights.
I just want to let you know my thighs and my legs were sore and shook for a day after this hike. But what an amazing site. It was a bit shakey and windy up there. I am surprised I walked all the way around on the tip top. Not even my friends did that. And I am the one afraid of heights.
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