Vintage Baby Crissy Doll Pattern

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Did you have or have a baby Crissy doll? This one is mine. She was certainly well played with. My Grandmother had purchased a set of them and gave one to my sis and me. My sister still has hers and also collects them. She finds them from flea markets and thrifting. She sent me the dress she is wearing. I have since changed her dress. I was digging thru a box of things for a yardsale I was having over the weekend. I found a few outfits in a box that should not have been in that box. I have to alter it a bit and then I will update you with pictures. I tried painting her nails as a kid. I don't know why. I did not cut her hair tho. Its the same the day I got her. My sisters doll is almost perfect. She didn't play with hers much.

I was digging thru the same box and I found some vintage patterns my Grandmother sent me a bit ago. Which reminded me to look under the bed cause I shoved some of the vintage patterns there too. So I gathered them all up and decided to keep them in a much better place. In the patterns was this Crissy pattern for clothing. If you have been looking all over for patterns for this dolly here you go. There are patterns for the Crissy doll in boots and the Baby Crissy doll. They are in pdf format. Feel free to print and sew.

Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four
Page Five
This pattern is from Doll Reader's May Issue 1988.

Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four
Page Five
This pattern is from Doll Reader's November Issue 1990.

If you have one of these dolls, let me know. I want to see a picture and I want to Blog about your Crissy.


Yes, I do have a Crissy doll. I got it for Christmas when I was 2 (34 years ago). But I did cut mines hair - she looks hideous. But I didn't paint my baby's nails, but I did chew a couple of them off. How funny that those dolls are so important to us from childhood.


It was so neat to see Crissy! I lost my Crissy many years ago. (wish i was able to find one at a reasonable price! She brings back many good memories...(Which right now are important considering I am losing the love of my life to divorce after 19 years.) Thanks for the smiles!

Dianne,you should do a saved search on ebay if you want a crissy dollat a reasonable price.By biding my time-well,it only took 3 weeks- and checking every time I got a message from ebay that a new crissy was listed I got my hands on a gorgeous twist and turn with clothes on for 20$(plus 10$ for shipping),rather than the 50-70 $ they can often get to.

when i waslittle my mom could not afford a crissy doll, my aunt had one, but i was not aloud to play with her, now 35 years later i found one in a old box at a flea market for $5.oo. she still has all orginal hair and is in great shape i cleaned her up and she looks great and i put in a case for protection

I still have mine :) I got mine when i was about 5, (38 years ago)

I still have my Crissy, she is around 38 years old now. Never cut her hair, but I did feed her a hotdog so she has a little yellow mustard stain around her lips.

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