Yep, i'm working out.

anniescupboards Reply 6:25 PM
I say that with total excitement! Not really. Sounded good for a second. I have been working out for 2 weeks now on the treadmill. I am currently on the 3rd week. I have kicked up my cardio to 40 Min's a day and I am feeling pretty good actually. I have just been so busy. However, I start my day with a really fast pace walk to jogging then back to face pace walking. I learned that method from my trainer. It kicks up the heart rate and makes your body work and you loose weight faster. It drives me crazy tho. At the 32 min. mark today I was really just ready to jump off. I am doing this outside on my back patio. Ick complete heat. However I do have a nice large fan on me and I do this in the early AM hours before the sun had time to fresh bake the roof. This morning it was breezy out which was really nice.

I am feeling a little "weight" and ususally do so after such an EASTER FEAST of candy. HAHA! I am just looking to drop a pants size. I am taking this 12 week challenge. So I will see what happen. I love a challenge. :P

My Mother's Day was very nice and quiet. Hubby took me over to purchase a new aqua-marine wallet. I adore it so much. He also purchased some work out shorts. (oh yeah) I really needed the shorts. Macy's was having a sale. Work out clothes seem so great until 3 Min's after you start working out in them and then you remember oh yeah...this is work. Where did my new clothing buzz go? Here is my kick....I get home and one of the Nike shorts I purchased still had that alarm thingy on them. Don't you love it? I hope you have a Wonderful MOTHERS DAY!! XOXOXO
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