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I have made 31 dolls. So far. I am not done yet. I already have more started. I am just busy over here. It's total crunch time with less than 3 weeks left remaining until showtime. I did not have time to pose my girls. I just have so much on the table to get going. Oh and the dolls were not liking that. No one was wanting to stay still or look at me for the group photo. Lots of hair pulling and girls being naughty. *Tisk*Tisk* In a room they all go until everyone is sugar and spice and of course NICE!

I have created a new doll in this doll making process. I made a doll smaller than my 15" cupboard doll. Not only small in height but smaller in arms and legs and head and body shapes. You can use one fat quarter of fabric and make her dress. I will have a pattern for her soon. I just have too many dolls to get finished. So the pattern will go on my "to do" list. Who wants to come over for a stuffing party? I will make yummy snacks and we could find an all night movie fest on some channel.....ok? hello?


I wish I lived near.. I would love to come and help you stuff your dolls! I've had my daughter help me stuff bears when I've had large orders! I know how nice it is to have a little help!!
GOOD LUcK at your show! I know you'll do well... everyone will wnat one of your wonderful annies!

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