oh my...Gifted from Karen of Rk-Creations!

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My friend Karen from RK-Creations gifted me this dolly. I am still in shock. She is here and I am playing with her, but I can't believe it. You see I have been a fan of Karen's for a very long time. Very long. She is one the best dolly makers out there. She has hands of gold. I am so thankful to her. She made this dolly a while back and it sold on Ebay. Well you know how I feel about Annie. You know how I feel about rick rack. Well you must know then how much I cried as her auction was won by some loving stranger and I waved goodbye. Until now. She surprised me. I had no idea. She came last week and I have been keeping her with me very close. She has claimed a spot in my new black bookshelf and she is staying. I have given her lots of vintage toys to play with. She loves to dance with me. She is such a sweetie pie. Karen even gave me the rest of her rick rack fabric. HELLO...WHAT an angel! Karen, I thank you again. I humbly thank you. If you have a chance to, go visit her Etsy or Ebay or her Blog or her Website. I warn you. You may fall in love. You can blame me, its ok. Goodness She has rick rack hair. So flipping adorable. Her maryjane shoes. And the socks. I just can't get enough of her and I love playing with her.

Thank you Karen!



She is so awesome Sherry - how cool to be gifted with her! I have her sister dolly ~ yup, I won her on eBay ~ I don't think I'm a total stranger though . . lol. :)

OMG arent you lucky! Enjoy the dolly she's adorable.

Omg I had no idea you owned her Stacey!! SO No your not a stranger. HAHA! I dont know Ebay names you know. They dont let you see them anymore. Its all GH*****


OMG how cute is she!! You lucky, lucky girl! I know you are so excited! She is totally awesome and SO you!!

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