Researching for a New Sewing Machine

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I have been researching late at night on the net for a new sewing machine. I think I am finally ready to play with the big toys. I currently have this sewing machine. A Singer Advance 7422. I paid about 140.00 for this machine. It does the job and it awesome for sewing. However I don't like several things on this machine. I wish there was more stitches than just 30. Most of the stitches they do offer are well....not that pretty. I also think they are missing some key stitches that I have seen on most machines. The stitches are very nice and strong and the machine does its job very well. I can sew and sew alot and get awesome results. Yet I cant sew thru a few layers of fabric. It starts to make this horrid thud thud thud noise and jumps the stitches on the bottom. It also likes to eat the corner of anything small I am sewing. Its too fast and forceful at beginning and ending points of areas of sewing and I can't slow it down. When i sew in general its very loud. Prolly one of the loudest machines I have owned. It does have a wonderful long table attachment so I do get more of a sewing room. They don't show that in the link I mentioned. But you do get that table with the machine. And it does help when you need that extra sewing room. Now don't get me wrong if you are a first time sewer this machine is perfect for you. I will be keeping this machine as a back up machine. There isn't a lot of bells and whistles and its very easy to use and understand. I am just ready for the bells and whistles.

I have been looking at oodles of sewing machines. I have been reading every review I can find. I am researching the company that makes them and the machine themselves. Currently striking my fancy are these sewing machines:

Janome Threadbanger30I adore the look and style of it. However, there is not enough features for me.

Janome Memory Craft 4400This one is calling my name.

Did you know Janome has a needlepunching machine? They do. Its called an FM-725. Its for felting.

I went over to the Viking website. I must say I got overwhelmed. Those machines look to have a bunch of features. I don't want to confuse myself. This machine here was the only one that popped out at me. Viking Emerals 183. Cute stitches but not really what I am looking for.

I visited Pfaff. I must say I am loving the styles and looks of these machines. I have been looking at this model, classic style 1523. Yet. There is less stitches on this machine than my Singer has now. Ugh. The next step up does not have much more in stitches either. Double Ugh. I really love the style of those sewing machines.

Now Bernina has a machine that is calling my name LOUD. Its from their Activia line. the Bernina Activa 240. there is up to 250 stitches on this particular model. I really do love that. I also love the bright light this machine offers. I have been looking for the stipple stitch. This machine has it. Not all machines have this stitch. Even the high priced ones. So my searching has been very very thorough. So much so I have even read the manuals.

I do like the fact that Bernina is a family owned company. they have been in business for 114 years. Here a few more reasons why I love Bernina. Oh and if you need another read, you must Read this heart warming story. (just scroll down a bit its the 3rd paragraph) I have access to these machines locally. There is a local shop near me that sells them. I think a field trip is in order to this place. They have workshop classes too. Oh my!


I tried the Bernina 230 at my local quilt shop. I can't stop thinking about it. You can't go wrong with it.

Oh SERIOUSLY!! I am going to peek at that Model SATURDAY! I will take a 230 or a 240 hehehe.

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