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I went to Joann Fabrics yesterday just to pick up plastic snaps to sew on some barbie clothing I am making. As I was wondering around the store looking at all the pretty fabric, and dazing into a Oh I wonder what I shall make next thoughts, I saw this gripper. I have several of their products. They are a really good quality product. I have yet to experience bad with any of my purchases. Yet I was really nervous about buying this. Will it actually hold the fabric in place? Will it? My answer is YES it will. The gripper cost $29.99 However if you bring in your coupon for 40% that is always in the flyer and you can always find it online too. You can save 12.00 like I did. Now they did have an entire needle punch set. You can see it here. That is also in the store and is also $29.99. (use that coupon). I am not sure how this is. I will let you know tho. hehe I plan on getting it as a back up. It comes with 4 needles. 1 more than my Cameo Needle came with. It also comes with the holder. I am wondering if I can fit a whole spool of thread on there? I have spools of wool thread. I would rather use the spool than have to fill up the bobbins. You don't have to use the bobbins. You can just use DMC thread fresh from the little black wrappers. There is a tool you can purchase to wind up your dmc threads on to the bobbins. You can see it here. I can't say I would actually take the time out to roll each color up. Yet the design and the idea is very cleaver for you neat freaks. I totally love how the needle punch set comes in its own zipper case. I also like the feature of how everything has a place. My cameo is getting tossed around in my sewing basket in a baggie. This bugs me so.

Oh and its purple. (gush)
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