5 dolls handmade for you doll lovers!

anniescupboards 3 6:26 PM

I have handmade these 5 dolls over the weekend. I just finished them up today. I am so loving each one of these. They are so adorable. I am just still chugging along making my dolls. I so love it. I am going to put these in my Etsy shoppe.

I am then going look for missing outside kitty. He has wandered off and I heard he was on the next street over. I bet someone is feeding him??!!


Wow I love your dolls and your blog. I also make rag dolls. I hope you find your cat :)

How do yo turn them out so quick? Do you have someone stuff those stupid, pain in the butt, tiny arms and legs. I don't mind to do anything else, but when they have tiny arms and legs, I hate to turn and stuff!!!!

That sounds like I am saying nasty things about YOUR dolls, but that is not what I mean. I make dolls too, and I like the look of small dolls and dolls with long thin arms and legs. Do you have a secret to turning and stuffing those tiny, little limbs?

Your dolls are really beautiful. I also have a small amount of sewing machine envy. But, I am not the biggest fan of machine sewing, I am too sloppy, so I tell myself that when I see the very pretty designs you do with your machine.


Hey thanks for all those Yoyo tutorials - they're great!

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