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Vintage Red American Tourister Hard Shell Suitcase. This was a wonderful find. I actually found 3 red suitcases that day. I only purchased this one because of the style. I do love the color red and have been hoping one day to find one and I did. Hooray! The last suitcase I found like this was very small and blue and had keys and I had my friend paint it for me. I used it as this past craft show as part as my display to hold my dolls. I am going to use this one now. Its so perfect and much bigger to hold more dolls. Maybe I could store all my vintage sheets in here until craft show time? Oh that sounds like an idea. The other two red suitcases I left back the the thrift store were left there for a reason. First they were soft cloth. Second, they were locked closed and no keys were found. How is one to get into a locked thrifted suitcase? Is there a way to open them? I do much prefer the one I did get and very very happy with it. I am really happy about the inside of the suitcase. Its very clean and I love the fabric satin inside. They don't line suitcases like this anymore. I could totally use this suitcase while traveling too and I prolly will. It locks up good and tight.

Tupperware Salad Dressing Container and glass Garfield coffee mug. Yippe another mug to add to my collection. I found one a few months ago. I have this thing for Garfield. He is so catty.
Oh this is a joy. I found some pages of a book that look like stitchery drawings. I am going to scan them and offer them in pdf form so you can print them and stitch them too.
Vintage Corelle and Vintage Osterizer Storage Container
Vintage blue purple aqua bed sheet. I was happy to find these. I have the orange and pink ones. I saw these online as I peeked through Etsy and Flickr. This will have to go in my stash for crafting. I can see a few belts and purses.
Vintage Anchor Hocking Bowl. I am finding greens and yellows lately huh?
Vintage sewing supplies found. Pinking Sheers oh my.
Vintage Yellow Pyrex Bowl.
Vintage plastic knitting needles. I paid $2.50 for all these. I know and I have no idea how to knit. I can crochet a pot holder. I have been wanting to learn to knit for so long. My sister in law will have to show me.
Vintage Orange Plastic 1960's canister set. $4.00.
Vintage Needlepoint books. These were library books. Sweet. I always wondered what happen to the books when they get to a certain age. At my library they sell them. I guess someone donated them and I was lucky enough to get them thrifted.
No marking is on this one. It looks like vintage Tupperware but its not. This butter dish looks hardly used inside. I paid 49 cents for it. I know it will fit/match perfectly with my collection so far. I must say yes. Lots of greens and yellows were found last month. I did find a whole set of vintage blue Solo cup holders. But thats not Pyrex or Tupperware. But it is a good find. Most of the time I see brown ones. And there was plenty of brown ones that day too to choose from. They stayed behind. I am sure these will come in handy for something creative. I have been hiding all these photos from you cause I have been just so busy getting craft show work done that I did not have time to flaunt my wares/finds to you. So I made this a jammed pack post of thrifted finds.

I have been thinking of signing up for another craft show. Its happening in March, 2010. Its an Indie craft show. (my favorites) and its locally and indoors. That all points to me saying YES! I am going to turn in my application and see what happens. I have stock left over from Stitch Rock and I am going to be crafting from here to there so I am sure there will be new items I will offer. It could be a chance for you to scoop up some goodies from me if you missed out last craft show. Monday I will inform you if I have decided. Oh my am I really gonna?


Hi there, wow you sure know where to shop. I love your set of knitting needles for $2.50. Yesterday I just happened to buy a small bundle of used plastic knitting needles tied with some elastic bands for $4 and I was so happy. But when I got home and untied them, I found 8 knitting needles but only 4 came as pair and the other 4 were not the same size. They are in sizes 3mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, and 1 jumbo 20mm with a missing cap, argh, these are the sizes I wanted. So now I'm stuck with 4 single knitting needles. It's so frustrating.

I happened upon your site. I have the exact same red ATourister suitcase. My mother took it on her honeymoon in 1964. I used to take it to camp with me, and then I used it for college and also when I went to hospital to deliver my children in 1993 and 1995. I will cherish it always!

Enjoy yours!

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