Handmade Retro Barbie Clothes

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I have been making Barbie clothing all weekend. I am having so much fun creating outfits for my retro girls. I did not make these clothing for me to keep. I am going to put them in my Etsy shoppe to see if anyone wants to play too. I made this dress from really pretty printed fabric. It looks as if lace was sewn on this fabric. Well there is lace sewn on this fabric. I talking print. I adore, lots! I gave her a little faux fur wrap. My girls don't believe in using real animal fur to keep them warm. Its lined with yellow satin. Did you know when Barbie's clothing was first made they use to hand sew all the outfits? I also read that some of her coats or fur trims were made from real rabbit. (EEEKkk!) They quickly stopped that. I mean if you ate the rabbit then I can see its ok. But to use them for the fur only? Not good. Killing for sport or furs and not meat is a waste in my eyes. Animals belong free in the wild they are not here to entertain us. Maybe its the Indian in me talking but that is how I feel. I won't discuss the circus and their use of animals. We could be here all day. And this blog is about fun, creative and happy stuff and I plan to keep it that way.
Her dress is strapless.
I made my own pair of stockings/leggins for Barbie. They were so easy to make. I can't wait to find other fabric to make more. I only have lacy fabrics at the moment but could you imagine the fishnets I could make?
I used real vintage fabrics to make this outfit. Her handkerchief is way cute right?

I made another jumpsuit! I wanted to keep mine. Really I wanted to keep all these outfits I just made. But how is that gonna help me buy more fabric so I can keep playing? This pants jumpsuit is made from that vintage polyester fabric. (again) I am going to try making a pair of pants out of this print next.
This outfit was made with reproduction fabric and vintage fabric. I love being able to use my vintage fabrics when making Barbie's clothes. You do not really need a bunch of it. I think the most fun of making Barbie's clothing is dressing them and having a photo shoot. I do love to play.


too cute! i don't know how you sew anything that small?!?!?1

Thank you Cyndi! I think its my sewing machine that allows me too. Its so smooth when sewing. and ironing. I hate to iron but since its so small its not all bad.

And to those leaving comments here about sex sites...Your lame and have nothing better to do then bother my little crafty blog? How sad and boring for you.

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