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anniescupboards 21 11:24 AM
I am giving away this Strawberry Shortcake Camera/Phone case. Actually you can put whatever you please inside this case. It will be yours. I am giving away ONE case. This is it. Only ONE person will win. Contest starts today. All you have to do to enter comment in the comment section. Something like pick me, or me, me, me or HERE PICK HERE! You only need to enter one comment. I will then take your name an assign you a number and then use the auto number generator and Sunday evening around 6pm (Eastern Standard Time) I will post the name of the winner. You must come here to see if you won. I will not be contacting you. If you don't come claim your prize, I am going to pick another person. You have 2 days after the contest ends to claim it. So please. Come back! See who won. It could be you.
I have made this camera/phone case soft and padded. Just in case it does a little fall. There is a Velcro enclosure. The inside is pink n white polk a dots and the outside is of course Strawberry Shortcake. The original girl, not the skinny "new" version they are trying to push on our kids.

Happy Entering and GOOD LUCK!


Your strawberry case is soooo sweet and I would love to be entered to win... Thanks for offering this opportunity..

Ooh, I would love to have this!!! I love strawberry and this would be just super for my niece,she could put her play phone in here.

Oh, Oh pick me!! Ariel would love it and I would too, OK! :-)

I LOVE Strawberry Shortcake! I would also love to win it - so pick me!! ~Angela :)

I think this would look really cute in my 60 yr. old hand, :). Really cute.

"waving my hands"
Yoohoo! Look over here!!
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win! :)


Strawberry shortcake...hukleberry pie...I wanna win Sherry's cute case! : ) It's adorable Sherry!

Ohh! Who could say no to strawberry shortcake? =)
Adorable phone case!

pick me! :<)
Lisa Ann

Pick ME Sherry!

You have no idea how much I love the original Shortcake. I was a little short and a redhead, so I always seemed to get called Strawberry Shortcake, plus she was one of the only red-headed dolls my mom could find, so I had tons of strawberry shortcake dolls. I hope I win! :)

Oh me please pick me! Please Please Please! You make the cutest dang stuff!

Oh I would so love to win, please add me to your draw list. Thanks Sherry, this is beautiful. Niki xxx

Absolutely love the Shortcake case - just got back from thrift store where I bought a bunch of vintage strawberry shortcake dolls!!!okseeyabye. Susie

Very cute! Lisa L.

What a cute case!! I would love to be the proud owner!! :)

By the way, I recieved the doll house a couple of days ago and forgot to let you know. Its so cute! I cant wait to show it to my little granddaughter. I'll be sure to supervise her with it until she is old enough to play with the small pieces.

That is SWEET!

PICK ME PLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE! Pretty please with sugar on top! LOL

Ooooh so cute! Another strawberry shortcake fan here! hey, maybe we should start a fan club! LOL! It is adorable!

Ooh ooh! Pick me! Pick me! LOL It's so gorgeous. I love coming and browsing your blog to see what you're gonna make next. You're so creative!

I seriously LOVE S.Shortcake...the OLD one! the new one is so...WRONG! I had ALL the S. Shortcake stuff...records, dolls, sleeping bag! I just love her! and your case is sooo cute! i would just LOVE to have it!

Oh I love this! I want to win!

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