Pyrex Hoarding is acceptable!

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I found another suitcase. This one is really used looking. I LOVE IT! I love used and worn items. Not so much with holes and rips or bad stains with smells. Eww no. But used it perfect. This one still has a vintage travel tag on it. This suitcase has been to Sweden! I am thinking of maybe taking all my craft show stickers I attend and putting them all over this suitcase. Then I think I making it over and selling it. I found a train case and of course it was locked shut. It was blue too. And perfect. But I am not going to buy a suitcase I can't open. Can you find the keys anywhere? Are they universal? I do have luggage keys that fit and open one of my cases. Maybe I should try the keys on other suitcases I have? Maybe if I just bring them with me to the thrift store I could find out. Why do they sell locked suitcases? I left a brown and a black behind too cause they were locked. Ohhhhhh Phooey!
So its been a while since I found any Pyrex. I do look all the time. Today I would say I hit the jackpot. I found a few pieces. This neon yellowish green is a favorite of mine. I only had one piece a long oblong dish. Now I have 2 bowls. Different yet the same color. So smiling while I type this. I found another green bowl. This green is part of this stacking set. Which I already own except the blue or is it red dish? I forgot which one I needed. I think its the blue. I will have to look.
I found some small records. I have been looking for them. I have a really fun craft project to do/try with them. I also found 2 large records. I collect musicals and vintage movie soundtracks on vinyl records. To be honest I have no record player and I don't listen to them. I want to. I just don't have any place to store a record player yet. Soon I will. There are a few record players at several of my thrift stores and I shall be bringing one home very soon.
I found 2 large yellow Pyrex bowls. Again they are part of the stacking set. I found 2 at the same store. How awesome is this? I paid less than 5 bucks for them each. I have this yellow bowl already. But that does not mean I won't buy anymore. Pyrex hoarding is totally acceptable in my eyes. If I want to de-stash I know I will find some Pyrex lovers too. But she who has the most Pyrex. Wins?? Right? haha! I may be selling some Pyrex at Stitch Rock. I am not sure. I have been informed of another indie show that is coming in February 2011. I have no real info yet to give you. I just heard talk and lots of it. So I know its coming just not sure when. There is talk of it being a whole mess of vintage and a whole mess of indie that will be for sale. I am so excited. My 2 favorite things. I can de-stash then if I feel I have to much. Ok I will try. HA!
I found this pillow case. I love it. I have a fitted sheet like this. But its got paint marks on some of it and a hole here and there. I am thinking of cutting it up and making another pillowcase so I have a set.
Pacman fitted sheet. I think this is a full size. I was going to use this but instead I am going to list it in Etsy. I also thought of listing that Mario vintage sheet I found too. I want to cut it up and use it. However I don't know what to make from it. I don't know if I want to cut it up. Its so new looking for vintage. Crafting drama!!


greeeeeat finds! :)
i can't wait until saturday!

Amy we are goingt to have so much fun!!

YES it is absolutely imperative that HOARDING of PYREX be allowed and acceptable! *big GRIN* Good finds. I found an antique mall that sells pyrex - some cinderella stackables and some non-cindy style ones. I about fell over when i saw them. Didn't have any money then - so you bet they're on my wish/want list! I really want this one set, and I'm still LOOKING for the "Friendship" pattern cinderella bowls and cass dishes! You go You Pyrex Queen you *bows* lol!

Oh yes Pyrex Hoarding is acceptable and encouraged! LOL

You can mark April 9th on your calendar for the Odd Duck Bazaar 2011 :)

And I'm keeping an eye on your etsy shop for that pacman sheet... I love it.

Shelley You just made me scream with excitement! Odd Duck show is AMAZING! I will list those sheets today. I been slacking, sorry! XOXO

do you still have the Mario sheet?
I"m with Pyrex Hoarding, when my parents moved a few years back.. I was helping pack up the kitchen and mom was like you can keep anything you want.. needless to say i walked out with 6 of her old Pyrex bowls etc... I LOVE PYREX

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