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I found a really nice fitting 100% cotton full length slip. Usually you find the slinky feeling ones. I do like those too. But I prefer the cotton in this humid hot weather. This is one of those items I was hoping to find and been looking for a long time. Thrift store price $4.00.
I have a new favorite dress. I thought once I would try it on I would hate it. I didn't! I loved it. I thought once I saw it on I would rip off those three bows on the chest. Once I saw it on I didn't mind them anymore. I really love the style and fit of this dress. The color is just an amazing plus. I noticed after I put it on there is a zipper going on the the side of the dress. Extra bonus loves for not having to actually undo the zipper to get in and out of this dress! And my new thrifted slip works perfectly under it too. Thrifted dress $7.00.
I know your gonna say like I need another. But come on it was $4.00 bucks. This vintage yellow carry on suitcase is just perfect for my notebook. The length of the strap is also perfect. I need to clean it. Its lime green on the inside. I am not kidding. I thought of sewing a star or bird or something on it to make it more fun. I am not sure what to do. Should I even keep it or make it over and sell? But its yellow. YELLOW! I said the same thing when I found the red one. That is still sitting there saying HEY what about me. Where is all that red love?

I found this yellow dress ($6.00) and belt ($2.00). I love love the dress. Its a little big on me. I don't care. I love it. There is a stain on the top part over to the right. But you cant see it unless I stand there and pose like I am doing so in this photo. (ha) I don't think I will actually walk around like that so if the stain does not come out in the wash then maybe I will sew something there to cover it. Maybe not. You really have to be looking to see it. The belt is just too much. I love it. I love all the flashy goodness it shines. I would even wear it with this dress.


Ohh I remember the cotton slips, wished they still made them humm that's telling my age right? LOL LOL love the finds!

Just beautiful I love them all! The blue looks especially lovely on you Sherry. Great finds xx

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