Thrifting in the Rain

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Its been raining off and on today. I had a mission to find 3 plates. I need them for my craft show display. I have this idea. I didn't find my 3 needed plates. I did find this small Pyrex bowl. I need those 3 plates. But finding this made it all better. Not really but kinda. I don't have this bowl. I do have the larger one.
I found another Garfield mug. Its been a whole year since my last find. I collect these 1980's mugs. Why? I just love them. I know I can find them online. What fun is that? Only when I am desperate to complete my set will I go online. I found some robins egg blue Tupperware.
I found this lovely Pyrex lemonade pitcher. I have the orange one. Now this. Oh oh oh!
I found 2 pink vintage trays. The left is more of a leaf than tray. It's heavy and feels like ceramic. I am going to use this for something. The right one is plastic. I have no clue what to do with them. They were 50 cents! They are not small. I see them getting used for craft show table displays.

I have a friend coming in from out of town. She will be here for a week and then my craft show is that following weekend. I may not get a chance to come by here and say hello. I am sorry for that. I love talking with you all. I am going to try. But when I get back I know I will have lots of photos to share with you. I am going to try and get one more post up later today. I have been trying to get used to taking my son to school and still do all the things I normally do and so far so good. But I am so tired at the end of the night and I seem to have less goof off time during the day. That is totally OK with me. I am just so happy about his school. We both love it so much. Him and me. We homeschool yet he does not school at home. If that makes any sense. HA! His school days and times differ than regular school hours. Which is actually AWESOME cause I don't get stuck in school zones. Yet the driving I am not used to do doing so much. It's all good. I get to do the things I still love to do just at different times.


I love all your finds! I have a few garfield mugs and my mom used to have that orange bowl LOL! When I lived at home, one night she had scraps in it for the dogs and I took it out, emptied it and I tripped stepping up onto the concrete carport and dropped it! It shattered into a million pieces :( She had gotten it in a set as a wedding gift in 1980!

Oh Misty!! I have dropped and broken a pink Pyrex bowl. Oh the HORROR! haha but Umm... I didnt get mine as a wedding gift it was thrifted. Oh Dear!

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