Barbed Wire Pyrex Dish

anniescupboards 5 5:22 PM
I found this black and white beauty today. Barbed Wire Pyrex. So clean looking all over!
I found 2 Fire King Swirl Jadeite bowls. OH my gosh I about hit the floor with this find. I never get much of Fire King in the thrift stores. But Jadeite no less? Oh no never. Until now. I know I am usually just a Pyrex girl. I have sworn off Pyrex-like items. No more of those. I tried to pass them up. I walked away 2 whole steps only to turn around fast as can be and claim them as MINE! They are Fire King Jadeite for goodness sake.
The big yellow Pyrex bowl. I know I found this just recently. Like I am going to pass it up? NO! I can't. Not for .99 cents either. I am currently trying to hide all my recent finds. I have no room. Anywhere. We are moving soon and I will have lots of room soon. Just not now. I can't stop thrifting. Oh no. That is not going to happen. So not. I can just pack it up and worry about it later. HA!


i would have bought all of those pyrex and fire king bowls. great find.

great finds! jadite?? Swoon! When I do find jadeite up here they thrifts I go to has it marked at 30 bucks! They seem to be catching on as pyrex it starting to get pricey too. Now I am only collecting fridge containers and primary color pyrex. I just ran out of space and eventually had to sell off all of my patterns except for butterfly gold. Now I am starting to think about selling that collection and starting a new pattern. LOL. it's a sickness, I tell ya! I can't stop thrifting either! I see I missed the Delray show, I am super bummed. It looks like it was a lot of fun. They are starting a craft and antique fair here in WPB every other Sat. I am going to check it out this week and if it looks good I may rent a spot and try to sell some of my vintage sheet skirts and other sewing what not I make with vintage linens. I just wish I had more time for sewing and thrifting! Anyways, way to go on the scores! If you are ever up in my area, let me know I can take you to some of the area thrifts!

That black barbed wire pattern is awesome! You definitely shouldn't pass up pieces you love - who knows when you would find them again!

Smoking deal on the large yellow mixing bowl...! Hopefully you find the remaining three in the set soon.

oH..I love those green bowls! I have an old pyrex bowl from my mom...had since the 60's.

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