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I decided to take a few photos so I can have you take a trip thrifting with me. This was all captured in one days visit of several different stores I visited. Can you spy what I spied in 2 seconds in the above photo? PYREX! I scooped that up and showed you it already. But this is where I found it. All lumped up with other dishes. I pass on the clear and white Pyrex. It does nothing for me.
I could see it when I made this turn. I got excited. You can see where I find the lids too.
Endless amounts of books. These are all separated into sections. I first section I check is the crafty one. The photo below is also the same thrifty book store.

There is a whole mess of holiday decor out these past 2 weeks.
It amazing what you can find for so cheap at a thrift store.
This above photo is from Goodwill. I like how they separate everything here into colors. This is the pricey store. They are on to us Pyrex collectors there.
This is a great way to sell all those toys no one is playing with anymore. Imagine being brought home a bag full of perfectly good brand name toys? For less than 5 dollars? You can get a whole mix bag full of stuff or just pick out a doll. They seem to keep all dolls separate but sell the stuffed animals all together.
I love vintage Tupperware. Those two pieces were really faded and dirty on the inside. EEk! No that pitcher with the orange on it was not Pyrex. I thought maybe. But no.
This is still there. I keep seeing it. Its 20 bucks. I am sure every kid has touched it who passes it by. Typewriters can be addictive to collect. I have one. I wanted this one. But I didn't get it. Really what am I going to do with them? I have that vintage suitcase obsession going on right now all I need is this? Yet I could hide the ones I find in each suitcase? I find vintage typewriters all the time.
I find this Glass Bake print all the time.
This was very interesting. I really liked it. I passed on it. It was $10.00. It had a made in Japan stamp on it.
Oh oh this vintage yellow swivel rolling table and chair set! I had this saved on my phone. I really loved it. The whole set was less than 100 bucks. The whole entire set was perfect. No stains. No fading, no holes, no burn marks. Oh my gosh. Perfect and bright. Oh and its gone. I was there the other day. Totally gone. I really did not expect to see it again once I left.
I see these stands often. What are they? For what dishes do you know?
Gleaming white Pyrex mugs!
I have this set already of Pyrex dishes. I also have the tall ones. How many can I own really? I always pass these up too. The small plates I always find too of this pattern.
I find these mugs all the time. This is from the same Goodwill Store that marks up the Pyrex. I told you they mark stuff up way to much. Curse you back there with your over priced gun. This is a thrift store right? Someone did end up buying these cause again. I went back and they were gone. I find these in the thrift stores all the time too. I personally don't collect them but they are so much fun to see.


Hello, i started following your blog recently. I think it may have started with some pyrex bowls....anyway, those last mugs with the blue/greeny prints are adorable. Too bad some of the stores are marking stock up now to reflect popularity, tis happening here in NZ too.

I am such a fan of vintage typewriters. This one is awesome. I wonder if its still there? Like your blog.. :)

The Goodwill stores in my area mark up the pyrex also.

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