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I found this vintage purple American Tourister hard shell suitcase today. My son had a tutoring session this morning and so I was forced to thrift. Yeah! This one is about a medium size. I must say I freaking LOVE this one so much. I am going to use it as my personal suitcase. The inside is a dream. It's PINK and perfect. I love it so so much.
Sadly no Pyrex was found today. But I did. I found 2 Pyrex Holders.
I am moving soon. I have been spending my free time packing instead of sewing. I think every time I take a photo like this I am going to miss this little section of the yard. I do love the old wood and the grassy area. The tree in the background is a personal favorite too. I don't really care for Palm trees which are all over the place here in South Florida. We have to move. The house we have been renting for the last 4 years is being foreclosed on. We are in the process of hopefully getting our very first home. I really have nothing more to share at the moment except were waiting. There is a whole bunch of waiting going on and everyone is on (the) edge and ready to jump. haha I will miss a few things about the home I live in now. But it's time. We are really ready to go anyhow. We were only going to stay a year. It turned out to be 4.


Good luck with the move! That is one beautiful suitcase, I'd use the heck out of it if I were you :)

nice find! good luck with the moving and house buying! i hope it is all GREAT for you!

Very cool suitcase!! I want to go thrifting with you!!!! You find the coolest stuff!!! I pray you can find a house with a very special place or room for you to do your creating!! XO Fran.

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