Thrifty Pyrex finds from yesterday

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I was not going to buy that green Pyrex bowl. I left it at the store more than once. So my 3rd visit I said FINE your coming home with me. It was 50% off day so I did not feel so bad. I am trying to save my dollars for home buying and my pennies for vintage Pyrex. But only the Pyrex I really really want at the moment. I mean its PYREX, i love it still. I am not a fan of the green color. I like it. But I am not in love with it. I like it with other colors not by itself?!!?? I don't buy/collect white or clear Pyrex. Or the purple. You remember from the 90's? I actually own some of these and purchased them in the 90's way way way before I even thought of collecting. I was going through a purple phase. It lasted 3 years. I broke 3 of the large bowls with lids. They shattered all over the place. This was my first time cooking with glass. I found out very fast how you have to let glass cool before doing ANYTHING WITH IT! After the 3rd dish broke I scared myself so bad I never cooked in glass again. (well not forever, eventually I bought a oblong clear Pyrex dish and I refer that as my meatloaf maker) I take it out of oven and let it cool on a fancy vintage linen cloth. I don't use it often cause only 2 people in the house like meatloaf.

Now if I feel no more love for any of the colors I have collected I am able to sell them at my indie craft shows. Which I have done with Fire King dishes. I do find Fire King a bunch. Not as much as I find Pyrex.
This piece above is Fire King. I have 2 mugs and 2 square dishes all with this same print. I do love this. I may keep them all. I was thinking of selling them. But the more pieces I find, I find it hard to let go. This round bowl is so clean for vintage.
This is adorable! I love this neon green(ish)-yellow color. This is my first time finding this print.
2 faded Pyrex bowls. I was so happy to see them. I wish they were not so faded. I love aqua!
I found 2 pitchers yesterday. I am getting some collection now. These take up so much room to store. The bowls are easy cause I can stack them and put towels between them. The one on the bottom is smaller than the top. The one on the bottom also cost more. Now I like the green on this pitcher. There is not so much of it and when you put your pretty color of liquid inside it makes it all different again. So maybe I should put fresh fruit in my green bowl then I will love it more. Like Red apples. Or Pears.


hi sherry! nice to meet you too :)
ahhh, more beautiful finds!
happy weekend!

oh man, i love it ALL.. especially that clear pitcher at the end with the green on it.. *hint hint* lol

Oh HAHAHA!! Gotta love PYREX!!

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