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I am researching craft show booths. I do this every year. I explore how everyone sets up their booths. I try to get ideas. Some people are so very creative! I have been thrift store shopping for some time now and I have lots of stuff I can use in my booths. I am tired of tables. I want something table-ish but not a table. I like how this person used her table in a very creative way. I adore the mash of the old mixed with the bright new fresh colors. I wish I could do my entire house like that. Hubby is to 'modern" for that. Maybe I can convert him one room at a time. I won't touch his computer room. Promise.

I am still cutting and sewing and have nothing to show you. I have been so busy since the move and now I have this show upcoming. I have so many plans of trying to get this and that done on here. I need to update my Etsy shop. That will happen first I am sure. Then I would really like to get another free pattern listed here. I do want to change my blog around a little bit. I think just a few changes here and there that I have been slacking to do. The show that is upcoming is going to have a contest for the vendors for "best dressed booth". I feel that it might be rather hard to compete with so many lovely artists. But I shall give it my all. The show is a retro show. Everything from the past. You will be able to find lots of vintage items to buy and clothing. Oh the clothing. I could easily spend all my money I make there. There are a few crafters who create vintage type items or use vintage items in their craft that are going to be there. I was so lucky to get in. I heard there was such a high demand and lots of artists wanted in. I am beyond excited. I just love hanging out with all the crafty people and the vibe is so fun.

Speaking of crafty people. My primitive friends and I are talking of gathering this year. We almost went to San Fransisco, CA. But that didn't work out for everyone. The dates always get in the way. Of course they do. When your trying to gather 30 something woman from all across the state and some out of the states. So we are headed back to Lancaster, PA. Maybe. Nothing is even set in stone. You know the whole waiting and talking and feeling it out is still going on about this trip as well. I really wanna go. I haven't seen them in 2 years. Last year I went to Savannah, GA with 3 of them. Not everyone could make it and the months were slipping by as planning fell apart. So I do hope to go. I miss them. I totally miss Lancaster, PA too.


Hi Sherry,I just had to leave you a comment, You have no idea how many things we have in common other than the same name!!I love aprons, primitive,vintage,annies, and many others,Its so cool to read your craft booth post,EXACTLY what I too have been looking for, I live in the Tampabay area (FL)and am doing a creaft show in April ,What part of FL do you live?
Would love to have a FL getogether
and get to me us FL artists!!
Hugs Sherrie

How fun!!

I am in South Florida.
There is a whole mess of us crafty gals here locally. Are you on facebook? We have "crafty" get togethers all the time and you should see the craft shows that are here and by you. Nice to meet you!!

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