Pyrex and Barbies make me smile

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I found some amazing finds at the thrift store this morning. I have not been going thrifting cause I am trying to save my pennies. I have decided to go just once a month. Instead of every time I feel like it, or pass a store. I am saving for a trip that I might take later this year. If I don't go on the trip think of all the thrifting money I shall have saved. I found these 2 barbie dolls. They are reproduction barbies from the 2000. I was shocked to see them. I was also shocked they had all their toys and shoes and pieces still in them. You can tell this was collected and not played with. Until now. You know I am not keeping them in those boxes. I play with my dolls. I noticed when they released these dolls in the 90's they used very small boxes for them. I like that. Now they are so big and take up so much space. I keep my boxes. Just cause I don't keep them in the boxes does not mean I throw away them away. Storing them would be neater if they came back with the small ones. I found Barbie Sophisticated Lady and Barbie Suburban shopper.

I also found a vintage yellow Pyrex bowl. The big yellow. Again! Now, I have 6 of them. I just need to find the others that stack in here. Once I get a few sets found, I am totally selling them locally at one of the craft shows I do. Not all of them. Maybe just 3 sets.


Loving the Barbies! You were very lucky finding them in great conditions.

Love the Barbies too! I have the actual vintage versions of both Barbies and outfits!

I would love to find the vintage ones. usually they are new nekked and a mess at the thrift stores. haha

my husband and i were in a couple of shops on saturday and i told him it must have been yellow bowl saturday. we probably saw at least 6 singles not counting the ones in the whole set. i did find the red bowl to complete my set, i had to pay $18.00 for it. i hated to pay that much, but i knew they are not as easy to find and are very expensive on ebay.

enjoy your barbies!

I actually have one of the original Barbies (a gift from a very dear friend of mine - along with an original Ken), and I have the original blue picnic outfit that is on one of the dolls you have. I love the outfit. My collection is currently on exhbit at the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion (in Boynton Beach), so I haven't been able to play with them in awhile, but believe Barbies are meant to be played with.

-Allison Kapner

I cant wait till our show!! I so want to see your barbies. The vintage ones are the very best ones.

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