We have eggs!

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The other morning I was saying bye to hubby at the door and I noticed something in the front porch garden area. We have this long front porch with a small little garden area inside the porch. Eggs. 3 little eggs. I was a bit like What??!! When I first saw them, seeing how we have so many ducks around here. I had a feeling they were duck eggs. Those ducks love walking all over here. They do walk all the way around the house from the back yard. In fact they do that several times a day. I see them next door. Across the street. Down the street as well as the back porch, yard and lake. They are not being fed by anyone. Which is good. They need to find food on their own. Did you know bread is not even good for them to eat? I had no idea ducks should not eat bread. I did a little research the other day cause I had some really mushy cherries in the fridge. I wanted to throw them out in the yard but I knew the ducks would find them and prolly eat them. I found out they can eat them. In fact berries are very good for them. So when no ducks were around the took my mushy blueberries and cherries to the yard. I scattered them all over. They eventually found them. Usually I see them in the back porch eating worms in my grass. There is a whole mess of them back there. I saw. Ewww.
Each morning I go out there to see if Mama duck came by. And she does. More eggs just kept appearing each day.
It started to rain the other day and the eggs were getting wet and mama duck was not around so I went and took a broken umbrella I had and propped it above them. I thought mama duck would be freaked out by the pink and white shade above her eggs. But no. She didn't seem to mind and laid a few more eggs.

As of this morning we have 12 total eggs so far. So exciting to watch nature. I really do love it.
I finally got to see mama duck the other night. She was out there and I grabbed my camera and shot a few photos. She didn't seem to mind that either. My poor flash must have blinded her cause it was pitch black dark when I took this photo. I wonder how many more she will lay. How many will hatch? EXCITING!!


how cool! where do you live that it's warm enough for ducks to lay eggs? Nothing is laying eggs around here.

Awww, that is very exciting! Baby ducks are adorable.

This is exciting!! I can't wait to see the fuzzy ducklings :)

Before we got a dog, bunnies used to nest in our garden & we LOVED watching the babies come out every evening (a bit further each night)& we even got close enough to watch them nurse a few times. Mama & baby animals are very heartwarming.

Thanks for sharing!

I live in Sunny South Florida. However its been rather chilly lately. Cept this whole week we are in the 70's/80's. Weird.

I cant wait to see what happens!! I love little duckies!!

Ooh I'm so excited for you! It should be delightful! I envy you. Be sure to post lots of pictures of those babies!

I figured it had to be way south. Lucky!

Baby ducks are so fun. do you know what kind of duck she is.

oh GOsh. I really do not know what kind of Duck she is. I will have to research.

Aaww...That is a cute little story! I cannot wait to see the ducklings pics. How exciting!

oh how exciting , I will have to follow along with this story to see what happens, how flippin FUN :)

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