Craft Show Preview!

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I have been a little busy. Don't you think?
This show is coming next weekend. I am so excited. I am ready. Not really. I have still more to do. But I am getting ready. I am playing "OMG, how will I design my booth" thoughts. I keep getting ideas. I just need to settle and stick to it. I have lots more little odds and ends to finish. I love craft show crunch time. Its the best time ever. You just get a rush of PANIC and fill your last few days with no sleep and endless hours of creating and some how you get it all done.
I have created lots of dolls. I hope they find a Valentine.
I told you I would take those reproduction barbies out of their boxes. They have been keeping me company these last few days on the desk.
Speaking of Barbie. I bought several at the thrift store the other day. I was dying to remake them over and give them handmade cool clothing. So I did. You should try to shop for thrifted barbies sometimes. Eeekkk. Some with no hair. Some with cut hair. Some with marker all over their face legs and even in the hair? Chewed on feet or hands. Mostly always naked. Never shoes. (yet I did get one with)
I tried to find a variety of "fashion dolls".
I did not want just blondes. And that too is another to add to the list. Lots of blondes in the thrifty stores too. All of these dolls are going to be for sale at the show next week.

Mama Duck is still sitting out there. I have taken a few photos but its just feathers with maybe one egg showing. She has them layered in feathers. She sits on them all the time. She hardly gets up. Once I did go peek cause I thought she went away and she was actually sitting above the egss but way way to the left on the ledge. Where only a bird could fit and she quacked at me. So I jumped and walked away saying "sorry" (actually out loud yes haha). I do not bother her. I thought the coast was clear. It was not. Whoops. But she sees me every day. It's not like we don't cross paths. She is on the front porch and I walk out there a few times a day. In the early mornings I see her in the lake behind the house (when I am doing the dishes) that's usually when I go peek and egg count. All there is is feathers. And lots of them.


Love the dolls - hope after the show you can make more to put on etsy!!

good luck next weekend at the show!I am sure your booth will be lovely!

YOur dolls are just adorable! I hope you sell out and come home with pockets full of money. Good Luck!

Your dolls are amazing!! Very artful.

And I can't wait to see those ducklings!

I promise to put dolls on Etsy after the show.

XOXO thank you everyone!!

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