Odd Duck Craft Show Saturday

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Ready for this? There is no other way to tell you then to just RIP the band aid off. Both of these Pyrex dishes broke. Shattered more like it. It was all my fault. I left these dishes on this very same table you see in the photo and well. My cat was playing in the tablecloth under it well. Everyone awoke at 3 am to crashing glass. *sniff*sniff Precious Pyrex. I did not have any of you. Oh how could I have been so careless. Usually you get bathed and shelved. I am so sorry. It will never happen again. I still have that wood shelf and it got a make over and I shall show you very soon.
I made that suitcase over. I am taking it with me to sell at the show. The Odd Duck Show is happening this weekend. You can come visit me at 6650 Griffin Road Davie, FL. Click here for directions and more info. The show starts at 12 noon till 6pm. I have Primitive Raggedy Ann and Andy coming with me. I have been working so hard and sewing and crafting and I am finally ready. I have been ready actually for a few days. I have been doing mock booth set ups and price tagging looks to be the last as always. I will have photos for you after the show.


I'm afraid I would have cried a little!! But hey, you'll find more...I'm sure of it. I love your made over suitcase. Good luck at the craft show!

oh no, my heart broke a little hearing those dishes broke :( hope the show went well for you though!

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