Thrift Store Owl

anniescupboards Reply 2:06 PM
This little owl is about the size of my hand.
He is a music box.
They told at the thrift store he did not work.
While standing in line waiting to pay for him
I noticed a switched on the back of his tail
feathers. I pushed the lever over and
his tail started playing music.
The music box works just fine.
I paid $3.oo for him. He is too cute and perfect.
I am making over my master bedroom.
Just a few new colors and such.
He will be perfect in there.
I will show photos once I complete it.
I finally was able to choose a color for my new thrifted
table I found a bit ago. It was really hard
trying to choose a color. I wanted 4 different ones.

 I did not buy either of them. The one
in the back is Fire King. The mushroom
one had no name. Sometimes I find out
these no name - like Pyrex dishes are
made from Gemco. This was not labeled
anything or stamped anything. It very well could
be a Gemco dish.

 I found 2 Unicorns and a Pegasus I already made
over if you scroll down past this post I posted it.
I am going to use the hand stitched bird art in my room
for my make over. I love handmade vintage
art by some random crafter.
It is my favorite kind.

These birds are going in my crafty room
on the wall. I love how they have fake flowers
on them. Usually I am not a fake flower person.
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