Thrift Store Make Overs

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I have been making over a bunch of
thrift store items I have purchased.
Most of them are plain wood.
I have white walls and lots of wood furniture.
I need color. I really do.
You can only stare at brown so much.

I have been thinking about offering some of my
thrifty make overs at the next craft show I plan
to vend at.

I primed these shelves before I painted them.
To be honest if you need a DIY tutorial on how to spray paint something 
I can tell you really quick on what I learned.

*use a mask and gloves*
(Or dish gloves and a scratch up pair of bugged out eyeglasses you never wear)
That is what I did.

Step 1. Clean off thrift item very well. Get rid of the dirt and
dust that can be removed. 

Step 2. Sand if you feel it is too slippery or has too many layers of peeling paint.
I recommend just a smooth light sanding for plain wood that is not painted or treated.

Step 3.  Primer. When to use it. I say this is your call. As a DIY crafter I tend to see
how dark the item is first. If its dark wood, primary colors or black I prime it.
I like spray paint primer. It dries so fast. It is very forgiving if you missed
some areas of dust or a bug flies into your piece. You can use
a dry napkin and just rub in one direction, several times and
you can get those things off and still have primer stay on.
If you use primer I have noticed that when you go to add your
color you use LESS of the color.

Step 4. Follow the directions on the can. Before you spray your item do a test spray
on something else like cardboard to make sure your nosel is working and
the paint is coming out nice and even. I did have to take a can back because it just never sprayed but was totally full.

Step 5.  Give it a second coat. Maybe even a third. Make sure you are letting it
dry between each time you are applying the coats.

Step 6. After all the drying has taken place and usually for me this is outside or
I move items to the garage when it rains. But I always spray OUTSIDE. I will
take my thrifty freshly painted item and put it in the house in my crafty room
and leave it alone for 24 to 48 hours to let it set.  
It usually feels slippery soft and not tacky when it is completely dried and set. 

 You will find these for sale at the next crafty show I vend at.
I am a little frame crazy right now.
So I have spilled it into my crafting.
You can hang your sunglasses or maybe
an invitation or photo even hair clips.

 Pin Cushion frame. I am really about the yellow this year!
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