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I love to collect lots of things. Isn't it funny how certain things call out to us. Some most louder than others. I find it very interesting what people collect. There has to be a reason why we do this. Now those of you who collect know what I am talking about. We dont just get a few things. WE GET A WHOLE MESS of them. I am sometimes unable to control myself. Thats when I have to confess. So online confession is good right? So I have these wood bowls. I have 2 painted. The rest of I just like plain. I DON'T even want them painted. I have people who once in a while get a sneak peek of them when I use them in a background of a photo. Some people are drooling in the emails of how they want them. But I can't give them up and yet I buy them all the time when i go thrifting. I have several large ones too. I use them for all sorts of things. Holding ornies. Maybe some Grubby yummy smelling candles and even some fixens. Oh my!! But The best thing I love about them is the wood color. I love how they stack into each other. I love how they all just line up. If I were a little tiny mouse I could climb up the stacks of bowls and make a nice comfy bed in the top bowl. YIKES!! MICE?? I Cringe at the thought. Lucky for me I have 2 CATS! meow!
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