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Oh Its here the day. MY Birthday!! I had a very nice morning so far. I was able to get both kids out of here and on the bus. Treat number 1. No having to drive sleepy headed kids to school and deal with all the traffic. Treat number 2. I went into boys bathroom and scrubbed it down. Then turned on the Whirlpool tub. How they managed to get that tub and I a walk in shower....not today. No complaining. Its my birthday. I filled that tub up with some bubbles and lots of smelling good potions. hehe I even sprinkled some lilac stars given to me by a sweet friend. Thank you Susan! I climbed in that tub and turned on the jets and about floated away with all the bubbles. I put in too much soap. OPPS! It was a sight to see but oh so much fun. Treat number 3. Me in bubble land playing. Admiring my nice pedicure I gave myself the day before wearing my best red too. Then I quickly had to clean up and shave those horrid legs. Its been 2 weeks. Hubby is mortified. Treat number 3 I ran to my local FAVORITE bagel place and got my usual - Onion bagel toasted with cream cheese and lox and lots of fresh onions. (kiss.....anyone?) Then ran home to eat it and LOVED IT!! Now I am going to keep my day going with lots of sewing!

Thank you all so much for the emails you have been sending me!! Kim, I forgot to tell you I got my friends and family post card. Oh I know where I am going!! I have been getting lot of sweet emails. I have the bestest friends! Yes I am wearing my Snoopy pin. hehe Thank you! XOXO


Well I hope you had a fantabulous birthday Sherry. I hope you treated yourself to a few things using your handy dandy Friends & Family invite too! :)

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