Woodland Creatures

anniescupboards Reply 2:01 PM

I have made this woodland garland and put it for sale on Ebay. I had so much fun making these little animals. I also thought of another woodland creation to make as I was making this one. I am really just in a good creative mood lately. I hope it lasts.

I am ALMOST done working on my pdfs for my website. I must say it was such a bore. Lucky I took breaks and was able to sew a bit here and there. I have lots of scanning to do in the next few days and then I hope I am completed with this pdf project. I have taken away a bunch of patterns. Some may notice some may not. But I did if you are the ones who noticed. I guess all those ones you have are now collectibles. I do not plan on bringing them back. I have new ones too add so hopefully that shall make up.

I am getting so excited for Thanksgiving. Just all day cooking and eating. Oh it shall be fun. I have not even purchased my turkey yet. I am crazy I know. I will go out this weekend and get one. I am on a hunt for a very good and fresh and tasty gravy recipe. I want to offer 2 gravies for dinner. One is going to made of pan drippings and the other I am not sure of. I am surfing the net looking. If you know of any let me know. What kind of dishes are you looking forward to eating? My son told me last night he cant wait for my homemade sweet tater pie. Awww!
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