Gifted Valentines Swap

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My friend Cindy from (homespunfromtheheart) asked to be my Valentines this year. Or did I ask her?? She is a very good friend of mine who just adores so many things I do. We are 2 peas in a pod. I am so happy and I feel spoiled to have her in my life. She sent me the most best-est, most awesome-st, most pretti-est swap. It was a joy to open. Such pretty tissue paper. Lots of XOXOXOXO's (my fav...I wonder how she guessed?)I was so spoiled in my swap. I can't wait for her to get hers. (I will show some pics later I cant spoil her surprise and it would be my luck that she would come over here to see what I am up to.) I just adore the fabric. Oh my! I ate the chocolate pretzels as soon as the picture was taken. There is no way they were going to last the whole day sitting in that baggie UNDER my nose. The vintage Valentines tin is just OH MY GOODNESS! What an awesome find and SHE sent it to me? I would have been naughty and kept that for myself?? Oh She is stronger than I. I can never get anything that Vintage and that awesome around here. I love it so much. She made me a felted journal. (oh MY!) My very first gifted Softie. IN PINK too. Oh he is going on trips with me that little guy. I need to name him. Maybe you can help me? CUPCAKES! Don't ya just love them? LOOKY at the darling Pink Pin Keeper. I cant wait to add some vintage hat pins too it. CINDY YOU SPOILED ME! I love it! I can't even pick out a favorite. Everything is so awesome. I am SUCH A LUCKY GIRL!! Thank you Cindy! XOXO
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