Breaking the Ebay Rule

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I am going to break my Ebay rule. Even tho I just made the rule over a month ago. I said "I was never going to put any of my dolls on Ebay ever again". Now that is going to be a lie. Later today, I will be putting a doll on Ebay. I just got so annoyed with Ebay. I have been an Ebay Member since 1998? First I was just your average shopper. Then I became a seller. Ebay has raised their fees so much in the past 3 years its really just nuts what they charge for simple little things. They claim they keep lowering their fees. I have yet to see this happen. They always pretend like they do but when you sit down and find all the NEW things they charge for every few months. You get bitter like me. You notice they say they offer something for free now or a lower price only to find out they hike up other fees in other areas to make up for what they lowered. I honestly wished they charged people according to what they are selling. I think if your selling a car you should have different fees/rules from me the doll maker selling her dolls.

Ebay no longer lets people sell digital e-patterns. I am sure lots of people have taken advantage. So that is prolly why they no longer let you sell them there. Anything digital like templates and books. Nothing digital can be sold on Ebay. Again, I say that really stinks. Its always the bad ones that mess it up for the honest ones.

I also heard that Ebay will soon not let you use auction templates. They will have ones you can choose from them. (10 bucks says they charge a fee for it)

No one really likes change when it happens. But if you make the change for the better then everyone can cheer and rally and get excited. So far. Ebay has me still half way out the door. Their change is leaving me scratching my head and wondering if I got charged for it.


I almost did ebay, but my husband said to purchase a website instead! I am glad i did, because you are not the first I have heard complain about it! i had time to check out your stuff & you are sooo talented!! I love your stuff:) My fav. is the doll wearing a snoopy dress, my daughter would love it!! have a grreat day! xo

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