How to make a Fabric Button Tutorial

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I purchased a Dritz button kit from my local Joann fabric store. You can find them here from

They do come in many sizes.
On the back of the button kit you will see a circle pattern. You need to cut that out and trace that circle on to any fabric you please.
Now take all these pieces and lets get ready to make that button.
Take your fabric and lay it upside down on the white rubber stomper.
Next step is to take the button and place it on the fabric flat side down.
Take the blue stomper and place that over and smush as tight as you can.
Pick up the blue stomper and lay down again and give another smush.
This is how it should look after you smushed. You want to make sure nothing is sticking out so you can place the backing on with no problem.
Place the backing on.
Place the blue stomper on.
Remove the blue stomper after you hear or feel a little snap.
Pop out your button.
Then admire your new fabric buttons. They are shank style. I do love them. They are a perfect way to show off that fabric you have so very little of. Have fun.


Sherry ~ what an awesome tutorial! I have always wanted to make some of these, but I had no idea how!!

Sherry, these are great! Thanks so much for the tutorial.


Wow, Sherry! Those look awesome and what a great way to match buttons to dollie outfits!

Thank you Ladies. I have been seeing them all over etsy. I just had to purchase them and try them out. They are so fun and easy to do. SO EASY! XOXO

Hi, I'm just a lurker but thank so much for those very easy instructions!! Awesome!

Hi! I found your post about these buttons from a google search - they're just what I was looking for! Do you know how well they hold up in the washer and dryer?

Love your tutorial. I can't wait to make some. Thank you!

These are ace! Shame i can't find the kit to do it in the UK :(

But still, will keep looking and be sure to try it myself with all those left over scraps o fabric! LOVE it!

Thankyou for the tutorial! I have been wondering how these were made for a while now. Thanks again!

Thank you--that really helped. I didn't realize that some of the plain backs were stuck inside the button shell! I couldn't get it to work until I saw your pictures. Thanks so much!

:D thank you so much! this really IS easy!

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