Still working out!

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I AM!! Every year we have a HALLOWEEN costume party and I am always trying to get into some kinda costume. I have no clue what I am dressing up this year as. So that is my goal. Like it is every year. I tend to stop working out Nov-March. I wish I would just keeping working out all year.

I have been watching what I eat. Trying to only stick healthy choices in my mouth. I use the treadmill everyday. 40 mins of cardio and then I weight train. This week I am adding lunges squats and some sit ups. I am just toning and shaping up making things go back in their place. Or trying to anyhow.

This is my 4th week.

My hubby has actually been motivated by me. He does not need to loose weight. The man has been thin all his life and has some kind of MAGIC gene that don't let him gain any. (it looks like my sons have been given this gene too) WHICH MAKES ME crazy cause they can eat anything. UGH LUCKY! But he notices that I get up early. (I just wake up its never planned, I cant sleep in EVER) But I always take advantage of my mornings. I am a morning person and have the most energy in the am hours. Now that I am working out I am getting even MORE ENERGY and getting LOTS of things done. He says he wants to get up early and enjoy his mornings. I said COME ON!! He wants to get into shape. He has pains in his back and shoulders. AND THERE IS NOTHING BETTER for ya then to WORK OUT to help relieve all that and MAKE IT GO AWAY. They call it physical therapy in medical terms. I call it WORKING OUT! And if you did it once in a while you would not be all tense and LOCKED UP. Working out takes away STRESS and promotes good feel good vibes in you that last for hours. AND help you NOT TO FEEL OLD. YOU REST, YOU RUST!

I love the morning hours. Up before anyone. Before the sun has time to heat everything up. Before the honking cars and the hustle and bustle of city life. ITS JUST QUIET! And its me and the morning. God and I are out there having conversations. The birds come by to say hello. Morning is the BEST time of the day for me. Oh I love it and adore and take EACH MOMENT in.

I have set up my back porch into a mini gym. I have my treadmill out there and my work out bench and weights and etc. I have my ipod on and I just go to town. I take and set aside about 60- 90 mins a day 5 days a week just for me. ITS MY TIME. ALL FOR ME!! And I LOVE IT!

I need to costume hunt. I may end up sewing mine this year. Oh my who or what to be. Oh the choices. Last year I was a pin up girl. Military (Army) hehe! Fishnets and all. Oh my!
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