TGIF Friday!

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Yipee! Friday. Whew. I have been getting so much done lately around the house. With summer going into full effect around here, I have been on an endless search for some White inexpensive fun sunglasses to play with. I searched all spring. Finally I was able to grab two pairs and a hat. (all for 13 bucks) Why buy expensive glasses? I can't seem grasp why anyone would. There is too much fashion going on these days to save up all my funds for just one pair. Now I am ready to attack the daylight with style and fun.

Since we are talking about fashion for a second, I do not like those Roman style shoes that have made their way back into fashion. Remember them from the 80's? They should have stayed there. Icky. Someone Please shove those back in the closet.

They say for the picture purfect pout you should say PRUNES when they snap a pic of you. I was saying fish sticks cause I like them! Happy Friday!


Love the wider framed shades and the hat is v cute, but... TORI!!! Wow!! Over here in little old England we only know of Tori for 'Cornflake Girl' and nothing since really. But those kids were amazing and the songs are just fab. Did she actually sing with them? Is there footage of that?

I just love the new shades and hat, they are so you!! My youngest was over my shoulder while reading your blog and she said "Someone I dont know loves me?" LOL Her name is Tori also, so she will be searching for some "Tori" songs and probably watching the videos you have on your blog.

love the glasses and hat! you look great!

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