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Oh New FRESH comfy bedding. I have been wanting new bedding for a bit now. There was nothing wrong with my other set. It was just gold. And well hubby picked it out and I love how it feels it was so soft. But I really was tired of the gold. It was just all over. Seeing how we rent our home we are not allowed to paint or hang curtains. I would have prolly been happy with just that upgrade. But we are not allowed. (sigh)Hubby and I happen to go into Macys. We were actually looking for a new mattress for our bed. Long story short our old was is a YEAR old and sagging horrid and seeing how we bought it from an outlet store nothing really could be done about it. So this time hubby and I were going in heads first and exploring the world of what they have to offer in a mattress. (it wasn't fun but I did find a PERFECT one) After lots of testing and me getting grossed out thinking how many people also tested out the beds. I guess I should not worry about germs its not like they get to test it out any other way. (giggle) We decided to go for a Simmons Shawnee Visco Plush/Firm. We purchased it from 1800-mattress. "leave the last "s" off for savings" remember them? They actually had the best deals. We went out exploring beds but only to test them, then ran home to call 1800-mattress. (they delivered the bed the same day) My last bed was a pillow top and that was horrid for hubby and I. We are side sleepers and sleeping on a pillow top would make my arms always fall asleep. So I was forever waking up and adjusting or screaming in pain. Hubby would just be swallowed up by his ditch he made and would hate sleeping next to me seeing how I turned EVERY HOUR on the hour. more.
To our surprise there was a one day sale going on in Macys. What is this I find? My most favorite bedding from Martha Stewart (that came out only a few months ago) was on CLEARANCE! They were getting rid of it? NO No NO! I would always pass by and run my hands over this set. Its so soft, its so pretty, ITS SO EXPENSIVE! So I sat there looking at the clearance display with a sad face. Hubby says, Hey look there is an extra 40% off today only for those. He took the sheet set up to the scanner and oh my it was even cheaper than the sticker. I was lucky enough to get the entire set. I had to purchase each piece separate tho. I grabbed the last set of king sized sheets. I was also lucky enough to get the last blanket "throw". Its a full/queen but oh my it totally fits my king sized bed. I am only using it to lay across my bed. You can view this set online here and get one for yourself. But I must warn you I paid EVEN LESS than those prices. I was able to take out the pillow forms from the old set and use them in this one. I was thinking of making shams for them, but I like the look of the plain white. The duvet cover is awesome. I was able to wash it and iron it. Well I actually washed everything and ironed everything including the bed skirt. But I don't think you will catch me doing that again? It does not really look like I even ironed. TRUST me it was worse.

Totally matches my quilt from Niki. You can't see but I have brown rugs on my floor to match and my bedroom set is a brownish. So everything looks so matching and pretty. I would love to have some curtains tho. Curtains are not as noisey as blinds are when your kitty wants to peek outside your bedroom window at 3 am.


Love the new bedding! It really brightens up your room!

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