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I need space. I have none. This idea came to mind after I was at a loss on what to do with my patterns. I created this pattern wall cozy. I am offering this pattern to you for free. Just follow the tutorial I have made here and you too can have one. You can fit any size patterns in this cozy.

You can use this wall organizer for anything really. You can use this for the baby's room, bathroom or even the kitchen.

First you will need to gather these supplies:
3 packages of rick rack (2 red, 1 white)
2 and 1/2 yards of canvas or thick fabric.
Misc. fabric scraps for birds
1 yard contrast fabric for pockets.
(you will need interfacing if you can't find any thick fabric you like)
beads (eyes, optional)
1 piece of Felt
1 wood hanger (can be found at Joann fabric's for $1.00)
2 vintage buttons
tape measure
Pinking Shears
Gloss Spray paint

This pattern is really easy and simple to make. First you will need to cut out all your pieces from fabric. You will need to use pinking shears to cut out these pieces: wall hanging panels, pockets, and straps. Your wall hanging panels need to be 19" wide by 40" long. (cut two panels) I have made mine wider and the corners on the top flap over a bit. So I am giving you smaller dimensions so this won't happen to you. So make sure you are aware mine is wider but yours WONT FLAP over when hanging on the wall.

Your pockets need to be cut 7 1/2" width x 11" length. Your straps need to cut 4" in width and 12" long.

Now we are going to do placement and NO SEWING. Lay out one wall hanging panel and place your pockets where you would like them. I like to pin them in place. Then take the smaller bird pattern and cut out some birds in contrast fabric. Place them where you like. Pin those in place. Now you are ready for the first of your sewing.

If you have placed any birds on your pockets you will need to sew those in place first. Make sure you are not sewing the wall panel and the bird and the pocket all at once. You need to just sew the bird to the pocket.

I have used little beads for their eyes. You must sew on the eyes now if you want them to have eyes. You can just use thread and make a French knot or a small vintage button.

You can sew on your rick rack trim to the pockets now.

Then put the pockets back in its place. Once you have all the pockets in place again you can now begin sewing your pockets to the wall panel.

The next step is to sew the front wall panel and the back wall panel together. At the same time you are to sew in the rick rack trim. Just layer them and sew. DONT SEW THE TOP PART of the wall panel. Leave this open.

You will need to insert the straps before sewing shut. After you have completed sewing the wall panels together (WITH THE TOP LEFT OPEN) take your panel and lay it out and then take your hanger and your hanger straps and line them up in place. You want to make sure the straps are even. Pin in place and then sew everything shut together. You can sew your buttons on the straps. They are for show and not for use.

Next step you will need to sand your wood hanger then spray paint. I chose a gloss spray paint. You can paint it anyway you please with any paints you please. I just don't know how to paint and spray paint dries in 10 minutes. (you can make this your FIRST step if you like, that way when you are done sewing your hanger is already to go)

Next step is to cut two pieces of felt from the larger bird pattern. Make a small cut in the back of the bird.

Make a french knot for the bird's eye. Blanket stitch both pieces together.

Slide the hanger thru the blanket stitched felt bird and pull the hanger out from the small hole you cut. YOUR DONE. You made a wall cozy.

Printable PDF Bird Pattern is here.

Enjoy, and have fun. SHARE this pattern. Tell everyone about it. Let them know you got it from Make them for your craft shows or your websites and auction/Etsy shoppes.


I love this! Thanks so much for sharing!

I've juste discover your blog, and I really adore it.
Thank you for all scans and patterns !
Just impatient to discover another creations

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