I went Antiquing, 1961 Charmin Chatty

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I purchased this yummy jar of buttons. I haven't opened it yet. I can't wait to play.
I found this adorable Vintage Bunny Rabbit Hanky.

Hopefully Sis ain't looking at my blog. She is getting these for Christmas. They are from Nov. 25, 1963. I was checking out the cost of food. Goodness.
I found this 1961 Mattel Charmin Chatty doll. She has on her original clothing. She is in really good shape. I just need to mend her stockings in an area or 2 and I also have to put the elastic back on her skirt. Its upside down and pinned on in this photo. She looks like she is naughty. Or thinking of something naughty. I think its funny how I found her hovering over that poor mouse. She was only 22.00. I had to take her home. I am going to fix her clothing and give her a bath. I going to dress her during the holidays. I think I might have something in that doll trunk I have full of vintage doll clothes. She stands up on her two feet. No problem. Its too cute. My kids are creeped out by her. They hate that she can close her eyes. HAha. I found one like her on Ebay over here. And I must say I am really happy I found her. This particular style cause she is wearing a rick rack outfit. And you know how I feel about that. I think she needs a felt hair clip.

Vintage yoyo quilt.
Vintage Polish doll. She has cute pink hair but its Very dusty and dirty.
Tea top cozy. There was a yellow vintage tea pot in there too.

$38.00, ouch!
She almost came home with me. Chatty wasn't having it.
This handmade wood toy horse stable was too precious.

Vintage pinup girl cards.
1930's Rudolf Reindeer. I wanted him so bad. He was in perfect condition. I would have broken him.
1954 Barbie.
Vintage Russian Wind up toy doll.

(giggle) this is how I found her.


Wow Sherry, it looks like you've hit the jackpot!

TAG, you're it!!!! Check it out:

Loving that button jar, i just love running my fingers thru them jenxo

lots of fun finds by the way I have some buttons for you I will send them next trip to the post office :)

WHAT? Buttons? On my GOODNESS no way. THANK YOU!!

Oh my I been TAGGED!!


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