Retro Wood Cottage Doll House with People

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I have been busy for a few days. I didnt make any of the wood parts. I just purchased those at my local craft store. I did paint. I had so much fun creating this little room. I don't feel its done yet tho. I need a tree skirt for the tree. And something needs to go on the walls and a few other items. But your never fully furnished when you first move in. I will add a few more details. I am going to be selling this on Etsy. I have another one I am working on that is going to be more on the primitive style.

I have made the upstairs the kitchen. There is a hutch filled with bowls, plates and some milk and juice jars/containers. The table is red with white polk a dots. I used a vintage wood spool for the base of the table. There is a red bowl with mix color balls on the table. I made curtains and hung them on the wall with Velcro. You can swap curtains if you please. I am going to make a 3rd pair for options. Down stairs has polk a dot fabric curtains. I also put the Christmas tree with little beads for lights that I made. Also that is a round sofa/bed/coffee table (hey its a small house, you get creative). I really adore the little people I made to go in there. Everything look so cute. I just need to get a few more things in there and it shall be ready for sale. After I get a complete playtime.....of course.


OMG That is adorable, I look forward to seeing the prim one next. ;)

Have you done the prim one yet??? I loved this one so much I am making one similar for my daughter! I posted the pics on my blog: Thanks for the great inspiration!

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