Vintage Toy Sewing Machine

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Oh my this came in the mail today. I purchased this early birthday present for myself on Ebay. I paid $6.00 for it. (i know oh my gosh like 6 whole bucks!) Not much information was given about this toy machine when I found the auction. It was cute, had that corelle vintage dish pattern sort of appeal to it. And gush red vintage thread. So after I got it in the mail today, I had given it a quick bath. Just carefully wiping it down and checking it out. I found out this machine totally works. There is no name on the machine that I can find YET! It was made is Japan. It's battery operated. There is a hand crank inside the secret compartment. Also hidden in there was foot pedal, needle thread, 2 vintage spools with thread and directions on what to do if your machine gets stuck. I just adore the machine has its own case. This machine was very loved, used and cared for. The decals on the front are not stickers. Its actually imbedded and painted. There is a matching pattern on the machine itself. I wish I knew what year it was from. I love the shape and design of it. Its a bit smaller than the metal lunch box I had as a kid. Its going to be perfect in my sewing area. Yipee! PREZZY to myself!


Just came across your site. My daughter has the same sewing machine given to her by someone. It is not complete, missing the cover the handle and the compartment cover. The name of the machine is an AFSEW. still have the name sicker on hers.


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