Country Living Mag Scans 2008 Dec. Issue

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Ok I scanned more photos than I thought. (giggle) there is so much eye candy in the latest Country Living Magazine Dec. 2008 Issue. There is lots more to see and read. I did not want to spoil and evening or afternoon of reading for you. I adore how they used the color aqua in this issue. There is more to see again, I don't want to spoil. I do love how the front cover of the magazine has orange mixed in. Very pretty. I never thought of orange being a Christmas color. I do now. I love how gold and aqua look. Very Smashing!

I scanned the article for vintage table cloths collectors. Oh you must read it if your like me and going crazy collecting them. They pretty much talk of the Holiday ones. However I love them all seasonal and not. I am so glad I found a hard to get one not to long ago on Ebay. I only paid 12.99 for mine. I saw others, the same one I have going for $30.00 and HIGHER! keep your eyes open.

UPDATE: You can read the pages here for the Vintage tablecloth article. They are in PDF format.

I must tell you how much I adore Vintage Fisher Price people. I pretty much freaked out when I saw this ad in the magazine. I am going to Hallmark for one. Its a MUST!

There is Primitive Decor in this magazine too. However they never MENTION the word Prim. Yet there it is.


HI Sherrie!
OH.. I'll be having to buy that as soon as I see it!
looks like its full of sweet christmas things!

Wow, Sherrie I'll have to pick that magazine up, great ideas it looks like. Thanks for sharing! I think we like a lot of the same things. I've been drolling over the buttons you've been finding lately, I haven't found any good ones here in MN lately. I wish I had one of those cute XMas tree holders like the one in the magazine. Take care!

Sherrie...Thanks for sharing this. I just ordered my copy on eBay. Can't wait to get it.
Thanks Bernice

oh my, i have that tree stand! Its my favorite one :) Nice to know its worth so much!


Happy Birthday girlie! I hope you have a SUPER day!!! Sending you lots of birthday hugs!

Your so welcome ladies!

Thank you for the Birthday wishes DArling sweet friend!


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