How I met Harrison Ford.

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Rewind to 1998.

I live in South Florida. I am just so anxious to start an acting career. I have an agent who gives me a little bit of work from time to time. Sometimes the work is not "acting" more like promotions. I do my time. I go on everything they send my way. This one time I get a call while I am at work (working full time at an office, HATING IT) They want me to attend a movie set and fill up some space. You know...XTRA work. Oh my. Ok. No problem. Lets go. The job requires me to be there for 12 hours. The filming takes place at night time, all thru the night till wee hours of the morning. I found out its a Harrison Ford film. (gush) So we have to be there at 5pm to check in and fill out paper work. I am to report to the Miami International Airport. I gather all the supplies needed for my part and I am off to the airport. I have to carry a suitcase and I keep all my extra clothing inside the suitcase in case what I am wearing is not ok by costume dept. Now since I am an extra, I have to carry this suitcase all night long with me, where ever I go or they tell me to go. It comes with me. I am also carrying this black mesh bag that I am keeping my cell phone in, magazines to read and snacks etc. You need to keep from falling asleep. And this is before cell phones were so handy with cameras and texting and internet connection.

So the night begins. I here that Harrison Ford is in the building and so is Kristin Scott Thomas (which at the time I could only place her in one movie that I have seen, Under the Cherry Moon. Remember Prince's movie. (giggle) We are moved all thru the airport. Shooting scenes here and there. Just people walking. I DID get to see lots of Sydney Pollack, the director of the movie. He was very interesting to watch. I like how he used the camera. It was very interesting for me to see a movie being filmed. But not just filmed. HOW he filmed it. We break for dinner at like midnight. We are all by the Kraft table eating and everyone is talking to everyone. Cept me. HAHa. I didn't know ANYONE who was there. I found someone later in the night who actually took some acting classes with me, but that was at 4 am. haha. So I am sitting there by myself. reading my book and looking around every once in a while to see what people are doing. I people watch so for me its not terriable. I am alone but I am digesting people and their habitis or ticks. This long haired, blonde young man comes my way and asks me for a light. (CRINGE yes at the time I was a SMOKER) I gave him a light and we chatted small talk. Nothing crazy. he asked me how my night was. He was very sweet. Hung out with me for two cigs and then was on his way.

We are all hauled back to the shooting scenes. Lots of waiting has gone by. Its now 3AM. I hear the "stars" are coming for the next scene. I am seated in the airport at one of the terminals where you wait for people to get on board or off the plane. Just sitting, waiting. And Kristin Scott Thomas walks up with her entourage and sits down. IN FRONT OF ME. I quickly scan her up and down. I notice her hips are a lot bigger now than in that movie. I really was not that impressed with her. Seeing how I said hello and nodded quietly in my seat and she just rolled her eyes at everyone and was complaining about how long things were taking. Maybe she was ill. Maybe she was getting ready for her role. I don't know.

I just sat there and waited. Then it happened. I saw Harrison Ford coming down the escalator. They INSTANTLY starting shooting the scene and he was coming. HE WAS THERE. HE WAS so handsome in person. So dreamy. Ok So lots of scenes are being shot. people are moving here and there. The director is hand picking extras at this point. He only wants certain amount of people and wants them to do certain things all at the same time when Harrison is looking for someone in the airport. EVERYONE is getting hand picked around me. CEPT ME! I am there in a crowd of 20. By the time everyone is picked I and 2 other gals are the only ones left who haven't a job to do while they film. UNTIL the long blonde haired guy who bummed two lights off me went up the director and said a few things to him and 2 seconds later..I am picked to walk by Harrison Ford, nod and sit next to him. ME. ME!! I WAS to. ME! THEY CHOSE ME. THEY PICKED ME! Everyone else was ACROSS THE ROOM. I was NEXT to Harrison Ford.

So its my turn. The director starts shooting. Harrison Ford is pacing. Looking around. The director cues me in. I walk past Harrison Ford, He is SMILING at me by the way lol. I ignore him and walk by him and then seat myself next to him and then I dug into my black mesh bag and act like I am looking for something and the director yells CUT! Scene is finished. I then and ONLY THEN make eye contact with Harrison. And he then looks at me (I am still sitting) and he smiles and does that eyebrow thing he does. You know. hehe and says hello. I of course, instantly melt and the only thing that I can think of at the time is BLADE RUNNER! My goodness that movie just melts my noodles. I met blade RUNNER!! If he only knew how bad I had it for him. And I still do. The man is just HOT.

That was my meeting with Harrison Ford. I can now say I was in a movie with him and the famous Syndey Pollack directed us. (giggle) XOXOXO

Ps. The movie was Random Hearts and all the airport scenes were CUT. I know. I was so mad. lol Like So mad. But who cares. I met FORD!

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