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I found this doll nekky, dirty and alone. I quickly cleaned her up and dug into some vintage doll wear and pulled this outfit together for her. I dressed her in a handmade skirt that was made just for her. A vintage Aqua and white stripe bodysuit and a vintage night gown top. (fab-U-Lous DarLing)I did take off her skirt and give it a cleaning tho. You can notice the spots. I tried soaking it twice with mild detergent. But the stains were still there. Just lighter. So then I just applied a tad bit of bleach and they quickly started to get even lighter and most faded. Its now drying in the shower. I will update you with photos later.
I found this box of jammed full of jammed packed vintage Barbie clothing. I didn't know what really was inside. But I did make out a handmade outfit or too and I was pretty much looking for clothing to take apart to use them as patterns to make my style of clothing any how so...WHY not get it. There was lots of stuff in there. Nothing I can say to brag about. A whole mess of 1980's and skipper clothing. I did find a few of Ken's clothing. There is an entire canopy bedding set in that box. I should put that on ebay. Someone might need it who has the bed already. I don't need it.

These were all the handmade clothing in the box. Too Cute. See the vintage feed sack shirt? I like finding someone's vintage handmade toys. Just so love it. Hence why I want to make some myself.
I found this Barbie doll while I was thrifting today. I have seen her before. She was in a bin with a few other nekky dolls and a fully clothed michael jackson with glove. (giggle) Her head stamp read 1958. I cant make out her butt stamp. It looks like it says 1962? 63? or 68? She looks like the reproduction Barbie that came out in the 1990's. I cant really tell. I will have to do some more research and find out that date. Its all rubbed and worn so that is why I am having trouble. I will have to get a better look to see that date. She almost looks like her body does not match her face. Again...more research will have to be done. Her toe nails are still polished with red but fading and her fingernails are polished but its faded and yellow yet you can see traces of red. Just looks faded. She was pretty dirty. I washed her and will have to wash her several times.

I gave her a cleaning with dawn soap and water and a cotton ball. I have to go back again still and clean more. I am just trying to be careful not to get water all over her or inside her.
LOOK how clean I got her arms. There is staining on her legs that is not coming off. But all in all I think she makes a rather nice doll for someone who DOES not like Barbie. hehe I just want to make her clothing. And I do love this style and era. I am a doll collector so I guess one is ok.
I need shoes. I have no shoes.


youre not a Barbie fan? we love her at my house. so what are the skipper clothes like?? they will fit blythe dolls. I bet someone would be interested in them. maybe even including me! have a great night!

What an AWSOME find !!!
Prim Hugs~~~
Debbie 3daughters

It looks like your barbie has an old body but a new repro head. they didnt print the 1958 mattel sign on the heads. you have a great doll but i dont think she is all original. nice box of clothing!!

I can definitely say that this is a reproduction head of the 1990s Silken Flame Barbie. I have many of them and she is beautiful in her own right. She was a great find anyway!

I am a Barbie collector and I can definitely tell you that your barbie is the reproduction head of the 1990s Silken Flame Barie. I have many in my collection and she is quite beautiful in her own right. She was an excellent find as well!

Your Barbie doll is a reproduction of Silken Flame. But I must say that she is beautiful indeed.

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