Gifted Friday...Who Knew?

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My dear sweet friend Carm from Shweet Doodles (Click for her blog here) has sent me this awesome surprise today. What did I do to deserve such a box of goodies. Oh my. Its was so much fun unwrapping all her gifts. She sent so many things. Hubby raised his eyebrow and said "Is that a coloring book?" and I reply "well of course it is....and then I kinda screamed out "AND CRAYONS TOO"!!

Did you notice the record/book? Alice in wonderland. How did she know I loved that one so? Did you see the Japanese stickers? I am just too TICKLED PINK over this gift. Oh the candy. I have been eating them since I opened them. Bailey StuffN sure will love the company of those birds. He was talking to them and showing them all the comfy spots. Buttons galore. My favorite! Lots of pretty eye candy and real candy. I must go play now. Thank you Carm! Your the BESTEST! XOXO

Bailey StuffN's Light House Adventure

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So cute this scene. I love it.
Wait we are walking all this?
You are able to tour the house as well as the lighthouse. My camera died halfway thru the house. It was such a bummer for me. Because upstairs was the childrens room and you should have seen the cute vintage beds and the toys. Oh my the toys.
I laughed when my friend said "come on it wont be bad".
Bailey Stuffn and I were perfectly happy to hang out with Mr. Kitty.
The lighthouse keeper was laughing as Bailey and I took this shot. He was giggling more like it. He thought Mr. StuffN was the cutest. (tee-hee)
Round one of stairs. LETS GO says Bailey.
This is where I told everyone I will see you when you get back down.
I kept walking.
It kinda looks the same but trust me still walking.
Like really. I cant go anymore. Like really Bailey. I just can't.
Whooaaa MAMA! We made it.
You know I am skeeeeered oh heights right?
Bailey StuffN is not afraid of heights.
I just want to let you know my thighs and my legs were sore and shook for a day after this hike. But what an amazing site. It was a bit shakey and windy up there. I am surprised I walked all the way around on the tip top. Not even my friends did that. And I am the one afraid of heights.

Bailey StuffN's family

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I gifted some bears to my friends this week. Each one has found it's way to their new homes. Except for one. The green one is not yet ready to go. Almost time tho. We have to pack his bags and get all the papers written. Then off he goes to surprise someone and make them happy. XOXO

Pink and Teal Swap

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My pink and teal swap was sent and arrived at its destination. I hope she loves the goodies I have sent her. I promised you a better picture. Well here it is.

I like Candy.

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Oh my, Gifted 3 times!

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This is going to be a serious gifted blog roll. I can't wait to show you the goodies I was gifted this past week. My friend from Paris, well she is such a sweetie. She is my very first friend from Paris. I love saying that. I have a friend who lives in PARIS. Oh Look I got an email from my friend who lived in PARIS! Oh look there is my Paris Friend! ha-ha!Mind you I live in United States in the state of Florida. I have been here since the age of 5. I won't complain about how tired I am of it. Most people love to come here and just yell at me for saying such words. Sorry. I am just ready to move on but would love to come back to visit....maybe. So my dear sweet friend from Paris was emailing me and telling me such naughty things like how she was sitting down to eat a box of her french chocolates. Oh the nerve I thought. How dare she tell me such naughty things. I love chocolate and I know in Paris... they make the best chocolate. So I returned her email and said how JEALOUS I was of her. 1 for being in Paris. 2. for eating the chocolate while emailing me. She of course responded with NA-NA Boo-BOO. Umm something like that. (tee-hee). Several days later I get a package and what do you think I find inside: I of course ate a few right away. They are so heaven. My goodness. You should have heard me then. LOOKY what my friend from PARIS sent me? I have not shared any with anyone. They are hidden and all MINE! XOXOXO Thank you friend from Paris!
A few days later I hear a knock at the door. Its the mail lady. I didn't order any supplies? Did I? The mail lady handed me some packages and off she went. Looky what I found after carefully opening up the packages:

My dear sweet friend upstate sent these to me. She was reading my blog and checking out my ribbon collection. Oh My Sweet friend THANK YOU so much! I am just so honored to have her goodies. She told me they were from her Mama's stash. I feel so honored to have them. XOXO

I had another package to open. It was from my friend Robin. She and I had made a little swap for some vintage wood spools she had. She too was reading my blog and saw that I needed more wood spools to tie my ribbons on. So she showed me some she had. I of course wanted them and tried not to sound to anxious about it. (yeah- right!)

Ok I had some serious fun time with the camera. I could not help myself. I had a few empty jars just *waiting* to be used. She sent me over these really great 30's reproduction print rag balls. I just adore the colors so much. How did she ever guess they were my favorites? XOXO The spools are so awesome. She sent so many. My goodness. Thank you so much Robin. I can't wait for you to get your package. It will be leaving my house very very soon! Wow its awesome to be so spoiled. THANK YOU LADIES!

Home at last

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Home at last
Originally uploaded by Happy Zombie
I hope I can get an invite to come over an play, I begged for one. hehe

Fabric Thursday

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I adore these prints I just purchased. I can't wait to play.
I have a pink and teal swap due out soon. I can't really show you what I gave but I will give you a little peek. When it arrives at its destination I will show you a better picture.

You are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away! I just created this annie. I love her so much! I made her into a pattern and you can run on over to my site and pick one up. I also made my lamb cupboard doll into a pattern. You will find this doll for sale on my site very soon. If I can let her go. (giggle)

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