Doll Making Kit & Pattern

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I have made some adorable doll kits. They come with One hard copy pattern of mine, YOUR CHOICE. I have included most of the supplies needed to make one of my dolls. However, They do not come with muslin or paint or stuffing. I am sure you can find paint/stuffing and muslin or you could use white cotton, old vintage feedsack or bedsheets to make your doll. I have included vintage buttons in each kit. None of them are the same in buttons or fabrics. I had fun putting these together! Enjoy!

****updated**** I have listed these kits in my Etsy shoppe!

Fiona Apple

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I am an Extraordinary Machine. Are you?

mini pyrex

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mini pyrex
Originally uploaded by messaround
There is lots of patterns to choose from when collecting pyrex. I do like the dots and the snowflakes. I do like the flower patterns. Oh my another challenge. I have to choose colors and patterns. Oh Bother! This is gonna be fun.

pyrex collection

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pyrex collection
Originally uploaded by Brendan and Leah

Crocheted potholders

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Crocheted potholders
Originally uploaded by treasureup
oh someones collection of hand knitted potsholder. I so adore them.

Aqua & Pink Crinoline Hazel Atlas.

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Oh My. I wish this was mine.


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Originally uploaded by texturejunky
I am going to start hunting down Pyrex. I love pyrex. I want to collect 2 colors for my kitchen. I have not decided yet tho which two. I do love the aqua but I also love pink and blue and red. Oh choose 2 Sherry just choose 2. Wait do they come in yellow? I am in trouble. This outta be good.

Mod Fabrics in Walmart?

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I went to get some padding and I found a few must have prints and then I saw some mod 60's prints in Walmart. I am loving them. I just bought 3. They had oddles more and lots of colors and prints. I was really impressed Walmart.

New Doll Pattern- i LoVe doLLs!

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This little cutie was made for a friend. She is so adorable. I am making her into a pattern tonight. She is from the past.kinda.

Happy Easter!

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Quilt Blog Auction

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My dear sweet friend Niki is having a Quilt Auction on her blog. I must tell you that I want this quilt so bad. I am loving it so much. I WANT it. And I am telling you about it? Goodness. I should keep this a secret. Too LATE! Cats out. (giggle) You must go over to her blog (click here) and see the quilt she is offering for auction. PEEK HERE for the direct link to see it. She has been blogging about it for some time now, so she has nice photos to share her progress that she made so far. The colors are just so perfect. I really want it! BEST WISHES NIKI!

6 Dollhouse Raggedy Annies

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I have created some friends. I told you I would. I am going to offer these dollhouse raggedy annies in my Etsy shop. I am really excited about these adorable annies. They are so little. So tiny. I used tiny vintage buttons on their dresses. They are wearing 1930 reproduction fabric printed dresses. I used some of that hair Kim sent over to me. I just adore that hair so much. Look how cute and full their locks look. Thank you KIM! I am considering making them into a pattern. I'm just not sure when.

Dollhouse Raggedy Ann

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I made a little iddy bitty teenie tiny annie. She is MINE ALL MINE! However...I have some of her friends to show you later today. Look at those tiny vintage plastic buttons. Her little pants are just the cutest!

Reproduction Fabric & Vintage Buttons

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I really love the vintage buttons and beads I found on Etsy. I remember the red circles as a kid. I have great plans for them all. I bought this reproduction fabric on Ebay. Funny thing is Walmart use to sell these a few years back. Plus a pink one just like it. I still have some of the pink and only bits of red. Oh Crud muffin I should have stocked up when it was local.

Mickey Mouse is calling me!

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My friend is coming down from Minnesota. She and I are online friends. We have meet twice before in person. We both has attended the Prim Mart Convention and are room buddies when we go. This year she opted to come down to Florida and hang out with me. I am very excited. I have a few things planned for us. I am taking her to Disney for her very first time. She is so excited. I am so excited. We both can't wait. She should be here in less than 9 days. I have been cleaning and preparing. I also want to take her to the Miami Metro Zoo. She loves animals like me. We are for sure going to the beach. She has nothing but snow all over. She is going to love South Florida. As much as I am over it....I cant deny the fact that where I live is most peoples vacation spot. I wonder if Sheila wants to see the nude beach we have here? (giggle)

Leo bei den Nachbarn

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Leo bei den Nachbarn
Originally uploaded by qusic

Vintage Squares Top

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Vintage Squares Top
Originally uploaded by katie jean
I have that fabric on the left. I would love to find that kitty fabric in the center. Goodness this photo is just to precious.

lux and quilt top

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lux and quilt top
Originally uploaded by nancy cook
looks like i am not the only one who has a shadow while creating.

'new' fabric finds

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'new' fabric finds
Originally uploaded by sweetjessie
someone has similar taste as me. I wonder if she was able to cut into hers yet?

30Green 1

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30Green 1
Originally uploaded by Quiltlady50
Look what I found while flickr hopping. Precious!

YOYO Reproduction Quilted Fabric mat pad

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oh look its me on (giggle)

Extra Vintage Buttons

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Some vintage buttons arrived in the mail today. I just love a vintage button hunt. You can find lots on Ebay. You just have to hunt them down.The jar on the right was full of these vintage buttons. I just love the plastic ones so much. I have a slight addiction for them at the moment. I can't seem to have enough.These are from the jar on the left. So many extra vintage buttons.

Fabric Stash #3

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Repro Fabric Stash #2

anniescupboards Reply 5:04 PM
I got more reproduction fabrics in the mail!

YoYo Felt Pin Pattern

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Yoyo Flower Felt Pin. CLICK HERE for the pattern. These are perfect to add to you purses or even your jackets and hair ties. You can pin these anywhere. I have been on a pattern making/creating mode. Feel free to use these to sell or gift someone. Just let them know where you got it. Thank you! Have fun, ENJOY! XOXO

Fabric YoYo Felt Bird Pattern

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Felt Bird Ornie. CLICK HERE for the pattern.

Felt Bunny Rabbit - Egg Filler Pattern

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I have this adorable Easter Bunny Felt and Egg Filler. CLICK HERE for the pattern.

Free Fabric YoYo Tea cup Pad Pattern

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This is a Yoyo Mat Pad. I have created this little mat pad for your night stands or tables. Perfect to use in place of a coaster. You can even hang some ribbon in between the layers and it will make a nice wall hanging. You can opt to not use any buttons and use this for your lunch and dinner parties to place under those hot bowls of yummy goodness you created. The pattern below is another way to make this mat. I include both versions in one easy pdf pattern. CLICK HERE to view and print.

Offically on Etsy

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I visted Ikea!

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I have never been. The store just opened in my area a few months back. It was crazy busy for a while there. My friend Kim asked me if I visted yet? I was like....Hmmm No? So Hubby took me over there and Oh my GOSH! I am *LOVING* that store so much.

Would'nt you like to be a pirate too?

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While in Savannah we visited the pirate restaurant. It's known to be haunted. It was built on a pirates house who settled in Savannah. You can tour it while you are there. I was too tired. This was the day we walked the lighthouse so, I was lucky my legs took me to the table. The bartender brought us a few gifts to our table.(yeah cell cam again)Ok, I put the hat on. Hubby and Todd wore it thru the whole meal and the car ride back to the hotel.(giggle)

Vintage Buttons

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I go so crazy for them. Here is some of my stash.
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