Gifted- Vintage Mod Barbie Clothing with Extras!

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My friend who lives in Canada, a very dear sweet friend who I miss but am so excited to get to see her THIS year in May. Her mommy saw that I was playing with vintage Barbies. She knows I have been sewing clothing for them and trying to find my own vintage clothing (which isn't easy as I thought it would be) So she decided to go into her personal vintage stash of Barbie wares and she sent me this beautiful outfit. Her mom made it for her. Oh my heart was gushing I tell you. Gifted from 3 generations at once. Oh my goodness. I feel so spoiled. She even sent me some extra goodies that she still had when her mama was making her Barbie's clothing. How come they don't make sets like this anymore? Don't they know lots of us are still hand making our dolls clothing? I am so excited to get it. I have been playing with that doll nonstop now. I showed off the outfit to the other Barbies and some jealous words were said. Naughty girls. Everyone will get a chance to wear it.

THANK YOU LINDA, Cedara and thank you Grandma!! I will love them FOREVER!


That is AWESOME! It would be difficult for me to play nicely with my daughter if we had Barbie outfits like that to choose from!

Must be the time for sharing old barbie clothes! My mother in law recently gave my daughter retro barbie outfit - pewter blue woollen pants and jumper - if only I could load a photo to show you ...

love the shawl.

I remember making clothes like that as a kid. And I had a bright orange silk scarf, that was my mother's, from the 50s, which made Barbie a perfect sari.

You have a very diverse talent!

Enjoyed my visit here!



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