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I like to cruise around the internet and look to see what I can make. It could be anything that strikes my fancy. I am not a picky crafter. If I can figure it out I will give it a try. Hey I might get good at it if I keep trying. Don't you love to try new crafts? I have been looking into a bunch of go green Eco friendly crafts this year.

Angry Chicken has been making her own underwear. She is passing this urge to me. Oh my. Click here to see what she has been making. I must say I really like them and the styles. They remind me of French Knickers! I could easily make some out of some vintage slips. Or old t-shirts.

I found a cute tutorial on how to make a chipmunk from an old glove.

You can find out how to make your own natural dyes.
Click Here

I have been looking ot make some of my own clothing. I have been researching vintage patterns from the 60's. I find it strange that thru the ages the clothing factory has managed to throw NUMBERS around for sizes. What was a standard 14 ladies in the 60's is now a standard 8 in 2009. Really does a number matter? Its the actual size that matters. To take out the trouble of trying to figure out what size you were in the 40's, 50's 60's and so forth...just get out your tape measure and measure your chest, waist and hips. Then search for your pattern.

Off topic thought- I have been a loyal nail biter since my teens. I am now 38 and I have succefully stopped biting my nails since Dec. 2008. Yipee. I just wanted to see if I could stop biting them. How did I do it? I painted my nails red. I didnt want to mess them up so I would not put them in my mouth. Days passed and I forgot about the biting. Instead I would just tap my finger on my lips. SO close but yet so far away. I bite my nails just out of nerves and during a complete thinking moment. The nail polish actually helped me in two ways. One I didnt want to mess them up and two they actually made my nails stronger. Well now we are half way thru February and I have long nails past the stubs of my fingers. I have noticed that nail polish does not want to stay on my nails to long. I get about 3 days of wear before they start chipping. What are you to do then? Take it all off and repaint? Just sit and peel on my bored days? I actually dont like the look of plain nails. Ok not mine. They have been growing and getting longer and the other day I caught myself walking around like a doctor getting ready for surgery. I refuse to be all girly about them yet I dont want them to be horrid. I dont like getting stuff underneath my nails. Thats annoying. When I had an itch the other day I was So thanking God for that awesome scratch. hehe I do find myself tapping my nails on any hard surface. Yep annoying, I know. I prefer short square filed nails. I dont like them long. How do you go to the bathroom with long nails?


Hey Sherry! I am a nailbiter too and I recently grew mine out. I do it when I'm nervous also. My trick is to paint them a lighter shade (pink) and then put a coat of polish on everyday to keep them strong. Then after awhile I'll take the old polish off and do the same with a different color. I try to do something to my nails every day to keep me "consious" of them. Well, they are really, really long now and it does make simple things harder to do (like going the bathroom or picking your nose)! LOL

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