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I am so happy the weekend is almost here. I have a baby shower to attend this weekend. I am building the diaper cake. I hope it comes out the way I see it in my head. I will take photos for you. I am still building. I am going to sneak a few baby items to my friend in Georgia who just had a baby girl. I need to get her address without her finding out. I hope she loves them. I will take photos of something I did for her too. Just not yet. She may peek over here.

It was so awesome of hubby to spoil me with a "time piece" (i say watch). It would be nice if I remember to put it on when I go places. I am so not used to having a watch for the longest time. I used it once this whole week. Opps.

I am currently putting together a can for the swap we are doing at the Prim Mart Convention this year. I keep changing my mind on what I was going to to. I at first could not think of anything. Then the ideas came pouring in. Finally I chose one and I am going to stick to it. Again I can't share. Goodness I have some serious I O U's in photos now don't I? (giggle)

I have been thinking clothes since I made my dress. My mind has been all over the place with that fun craft. I even bought 2 more patterns. I am going to make my skirt first. Before I start on the other 2. I have this really unique idea for a skirt. I just need to find the right fabric.

I purchased the best of Men at Work. I just love them. I need to put that in my ipod. My morning cardio is in need of new fresh tunes.


Hello Annie, thanks for sharing so many of those wonderful tutorials in your blog. I've found my way here while googling for a tutorial on making fabric buttons... :)

I am hosting a giveaway in my blog and wish to invite you to join in the fun. Here's the link

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